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Sting of the Ninja

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Icon Enhancement Sting of the Ninja.png


Description: Weapon Stance- You poison your weapon with a secret mixture. While you are centered, your piercing and slashing weapons inflict your foes with a stack of Ninja Poison on critical hits.

The Sting of the Ninja allows any piercing or slashing melee or thrown weapon to dose an enemy with 1 stack of Ninja Poison on a critical hit.

Update 20 adjusted this ability, restricting it to work only with shuriken, shortswords and any other melee weapon a centered Monk can use that delivers piercing or slashing damage as a weapon property. The Sting of the Ninja does not operate on bows, bludgeoning weapons, or unarmed attacks, even if items or feats that might note piercing or slashing damage are in use, such as Vorpal Strikes or Ivy Wraps (handwraps are not coded as weapons).

The Sting of the Ninja is a permanent toggle but will switch off if the Monk becomes uncentered.

This enhancement can be used in conjunction with other weapon stances such as the Drow racial and Rogue Assassin enhancement, Venomed Blades. It cannot be used with Lighting the Candle from Henshin Mystic.