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  • Base Value: 00000020002ppIcon tooltip.pngPlatinum Piece 
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Proficiency Class: Exotic weapons
  • Damage and Type: 1d8 Slash
  • Critical threat range 19-20/x3
  • Weapon Type: Slashing weapons
  • Handedness: One-handed weapon
  • Default Modifiers
  • Durability: 65
  • Made from: SteelIcon tooltip.pngSteel: Steel is the common metal used to make weapons and armor.
  • Hardness: 10
  • Named items: Category:Khopeshes


An ancient sword with a heavy spine and a single blade.


  • Khopeshes have a critical range/multiplier of 19-20/x2 in Pen and Paper D&D 3.5.[PnP] Turbine increased the multiplier to x3 to make Proficiency: Khopesh a desirable feat in late beta as the game is not restricting what weapons can be used for tripping.
  • Beta khopesh: [1]


  • One of the more consistently popular weapons in the game, khopeshes offer some of the best DPS on enemies with no fortification in the game despite the extra feat requirement. It can suit any number of melee-oriented playstyles and builds, although most utilize at least some focus into the Ranger Tempest line.
  • Use of Precision and some enhancements can circumvent the limitations around fortification. While khopeshes are much in demand, there are few useful named epic khopeshes in the game (except perhaps Elemental Khopesh of Water, Drow Khopesh of the Weapon Master and possibly Alchemical Khopesh) which can present a difficulty curve. Paralyzing khopeshes and crafted boss beaters also remain situationally useful.
  • CitW weapons with higher base damage, expanded critical threat and increased critical multiplier outshine most khopeshes. As a result, khopeshes are significantly less popular than before, especially in epic due to the item environment.
  • The Oversized Two Weapon Fighting feat used to be highly recommended in order to reduce the attack penalty for Two Weapon Fighting by 2 in each hand, however, the combat changes have made the feat less important.