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Titan Mk II

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Titan Mk II.jpg

Type: Construct (List)

Race: Warforged Titan (List)

Monster Manual classification: Warforged Titan

Alignment: True Neutral

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦30Normal ♥34Hard ♠40Elite ♥36Epic Hard ♠54Epic Elite


  • Melee Attack Bonus: ?
  • Melee Attack Damage: Hammer (Bludgeoning + electric):  ♦~60-90Normal per hit, Blender (4 hits, slashing + electric):  ♦30-50Normal ♠~150-180Epic Elite per hit
  • Ranged Attack Damage: Force Bullets - fairly minimal damage,  ♦30-60Normal force. Small AOE.
    • These damage figures of course can go way up after you're inflicted with stacks of Charging Field

Special Qualities:


Description: Titan Mk II <Margie> aka "The Green One" is one of the raid bosses of The Master Artificer raid, introduced in Update 11. Titan Mk II is encountered along with her buddy Titan Mk III <Ronny> during the final stage of the raid. Margie was known as Sally on Lamannia.

Special Abilities

Margie is primarily a melee combatant. With extremely devastating melee attacks, she can pose a major threat to even the most prepared of raid groups. Ideally you should have your toughest tank engage her and keep her stable while the group prepares Ronny. However they both need to die at the same moment, so you will need to engage Margie in melee after Ronny is prepared.

  • Charging Field: Every ~6-12 seconds Margie will surge with energy and debuff all nearby players with this debuff. It renders you more vulnerable to force and lightning attacks. It lasts about 25 seconds and can stack with itself up to a maximum of 20 stacks. Each one increases your vulnerability by roughly 10% to the point she is hitting you extremely hard (+200% electrical/force damage). Moving away for a time until the debuff is gone seems to be the only known way to remove it.
    • On normal difficulty, it's reasonable to just tank the damage on a powerful high HP tank. On hard or higher, it's recommended to move away to get rid of it when it hits ~10-15 stacks. On Elite/Epic, you'll greatly benefit from having a very skilled tank with high enough intimidate and balance to keep her steady, and have the benefit of being able to shield block when necessary - which can help greatly as it will negate all of Margie's bonus electrical damage on her melee strikes.
  • Hammer Drop: Margie will drop her massive hammer arm down, shaking the ground and severely damaging (bludgeoning) all it hits. In addition to the damage it deals (heavily bludgeoning plus electrical), it will automatically knock down anyone it strikes. It shows a strength save when you get hit, but even with a 80 strength, you cannot save against this unless you roll a 20. Additionally, all nearby allies will also get knocked away and onto their backs if they fail a hidden DC35 balance check. Bring your balance equipment! Anyone stuck directly will take massive bludgeoning damage, and electrical damage.
  • Blender Attack: Margie will reel back, then use her force cannon as a blender. It will very quickly strike all nearby players with 4 hits of heavy slashing plus electrical damage. If you're very quick, it's possible to block and greatly reduce the damage - it will in fact completely negate the electrical damage, but not the physical. Else try to dodge this as it will deal very heavy damage, especially if you're under the effects of charging field.
  • Force Cannon: Generally she will stick to melee combat, but if you engage her in range, she will return the favor by using her force cannon occasionally. It doesn't have the devastating power that Ronny's has, but it's still dangerous.