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Soulforge is a crafting device located in the Eberron Hall of Heroes. Use it to purchase essence augments.


Essence augments[edit]

Transform a raid item into a Bound to AccountIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account: This item is Bound to Account level 30 Augment bearing an enchantment specific, and typically unique, to that item. These Essence augments can be crafted in the Soulforge altar in the Hall of Heroes (lower level, first room, SW corner).

Essence Augment Color ML Items to Consume Essence bonus effect Item drop sites
Essence of the Cloak of Strahd Yellow 30 This topaz carries the soul of the Cloak of Strahd.
Slotted Effect: Invisibility GuardIcon tooltip.pngInvisibility Guard: This item has a chance of granting you temporary invisibility when you are hit by foes. The invisibility will not be removed when you attack or take damage, but it will wear off after 10 seconds.
Old Baba's Hut
Essence of the Nullscale Armor Yellow 30 This topaz carries the soul of the Nullscale Armor.
Slotted Effect: Nullmagic GuardIcon tooltip.pngNullmagic Guard: On being hit with a spell: There is a small chance that you explode in arcane energies. Foes hit are subject to a silencing effect, preventing their spellcasts and dampening their magical protections for 10 seconds.
Killing Time
Essence of the Epic Litany of the Dead Colorless 30 This diamond carries the soul of the Epic Litany of the Dead.
Slotted Effect: Litany of the Dead II - Ability BonusIcon tooltip.pngLitany of the Dead II - Ability Bonus: The Litany of the Dead enhances the physical and mental abilities of its owner. Grants a +2 Profane bonus to all Abilities.
Mark of Death
Essence of Constellation, Broken and Reforged Orange 30 This citrene carries the soul of Constellation, in its whole yet broken form.
Slotted Effect: Improved DestructionIcon tooltip.pngImproved Destruction: On Hit: Your target gains a stack of Armor Destruction. (-1 penalty to Armor Class, -1% of its Fortification. 20 Second Duration. Stacks up to 15 times.) This effect may trigger once every second.
Too Hot to Handle
Essence of The Masque Blue 30 This sapphire carries the soul of The Masque.
Slotted Effect: SoundproofIcon tooltip.pngSoundproof: Protects against stunning, dazing and disorientation from sound-based spells such as Soundburst and Greater Shout.
The Curse of Strahd
Essence of the Cobalt Guard Purple 30 This amethyst carries the soul of the Cobalt Guard.
Slotted Effect: Improved Quelling StrikesIcon tooltip.pngImproved Quelling Strikes: On Vorpal Melee: applies a Quell effect to target enemy for six seconds, rendering them unable to cast divine spells. This has a 50% chance of preventing the target from casting all spells for three seconds (12 second cooldown).
Riding the Storm Out
Essence of the Cracked Core Yellow 30 This topaz carries the soul of the Cracked Core.
Slotted Effect: Alchemical ConservationIcon tooltip.pngAlchemical Conservation: This item modifies the user's energy expenditure in such a way that many abilities can be used more frequently than normal. You will gain +1 ki on every successful attack, and you will increase the number of Action Boosts, Turn Undead attempts, and Bard Songs you can use per rest by 1 each.
These additional uses will only take effect after you rest.
Project Nemesis
Essence of Dark Diversion Yellow 30 This topaz carries the soul of Dark Diversion.
Slotted Effect: OccultationIcon tooltip.pngOccultation: 20% Enhancement bonus to Decreased threat generated from all damage.
Temple of the Deathwyrm
Essence of the Spear of the Mournlands Orange 30 This citrene carries the soul of the Spear of the Mournlands.
Slotted Effect: Touch of the MournlandsIcon tooltip.pngTouch of the Mournlands: This staff, once wielded by the Lord of Blades himself, taints each wound with the power of the Mournlands. Prolonged exposure will make the target more and more difficult to heal and repair, cutting their Healing and Repair Amplification, and also interferes with their ability to use magic by occasionally Quelling enemies on a Vorpal strike.
Legendary Lord of Blades
Essence of the Champion of the Twins Blue 30 This sapphire carries the soul of the Champion of the Twins.
Slotted Effect: Healers BountyIcon tooltip.pngHealers Bounty: This shield has a small percentage chance to cast a Heal spell on you when you take damage.
Legendary Vision of Destruction
Essence of Ultimatum Green 30 This emerald carries the soul of Ultimatum.
Slotted Effect: Petrification ImmunityIcon tooltip.pngPetrification Immunity: This items gives immunity to Petrification.
Defiler of the Just
Essence of the Dethek Runestone Green 30 This emerald carries the soul of the Dethek Runestone.
Slotted Effect: Runic RevitalizationIcon tooltip.pngRunic Revitalization: On Positive Energy Spell Cast: You have a 10% chance to gain 100 Temporary Hit Points and 50 Temporary Spell Points for 60 seconds. This effect can trigger once per 120 seconds.
Fire on Thunder Peak
Essence of Pomura's Memento Green 30 This emerald carries the soul of Pomura's Memento.
Slotted Effect: Insightful Spell Lore VIcon tooltip.pngInsightful Spell Lore V: Passive: All of your spells gain a 5% Insightful bonus to their chance to critical hit.
Hunt or Be Hunted