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Item:Mysterious Remnant

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Characters facing the game's toughest challenges have encountered a wide variety of Monster Champions - creatures with increased skill and power. What is causing this increase in power? As characters investigate the source of this newfound strength they will begin to discover that many of these creatures carry Mysterious Remnants that seem to resonate with strange magical power. Could these remnants be causing these champions and their rise in power? What use could these remnants have for those looking for power?

Mysterious Remnant icon.png

Mysterious Remnant

Earned by defeating powerful Champions in high-difficulty quests. Return them to the Champion Hunter in the Hall of Heroes for special and rare items.

Mysterious Remnant
Mysterious Remnants reward from Monster Manual.
  • Collector: Mysterious Remnants are used as a currency to purchase stuff from multiple NPC and crafting interfaces:
  • Located in: Unknown
  • Reward: Augments, cosmetics, tomes. See the collectors page for details.

Drop Locations

Chance to drop from Monster Champions when the difficulty-modified quest level is greater than or equal to the level of the player or hireling who killed the Champion.

  • Since Update 27 Hotfix, Mysterious Remnants have a (reduced) chance to appear for characters that are up to two levels above the level of the quest.
  • Monster Champions (and remnants) do not appear on casual or normal difficulty.
  • Monster Champions (and remnants) do not appear in raids.
  • Monster Champions (and remnants) do not appear in quests under a difficulty-modified quest level of 5.
  • Remnants that appear in this manner time out in three minutes and disappear from the quest.

Also available as a reward for completing deeds in Monster Manual volumes V, VI, VII, and VIII.

Drop rates

  • Monster Champions typically drop 1-20 Mysterious Remnants with a rare chance of more, and up to 80 on Elite difficulty.
  • While DDO Bonus Days: "Double Mysterious Remnants" is active, the % chance for a drop is doubled. DDO Forums
  • You can use Remnant Boost Potion to increase the drops.

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