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Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Devil (List)

Sub-race: Pit Fiend (List)

Monster Manual classification: Troglodyte

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Red Named - Quest Boss

CR:  ♦25Icon tooltip.pngEpic Normal ♥35Icon tooltip.pngEpic Hard ♠53Icon tooltip.pngEpic Elite

Attack: Cleave (Slashing damage), Bite, Meteor Swarm, Chain Lightning, Delayed Blast Fireball, His claws inflict Pit Fiend Venom and Devil Chills.

Special Qualities: DR  ♦30Icon tooltip.pngEpic Normal ♥30Icon tooltip.pngEpic Hard/Good + Silver. Pit Fiend qualities, Teleportation (rarely, not a mad teleporter like his buddy Baktor)

Habitat: Devil Assault (quest) — Epic Difficulty only

Description: Turigulon is the end boss of Epic Devil Assault. Bug: On Monster Manual, it adds as a kill of Warlord Hissyasha (Devil Assault's Heroic Normal boss). If you have Troglodyte Mastery, you can see his HP value.

Full Title: Turigulon, General of Shavarath

Strategy (Epic)

One of the most powerful pit fiends you'll encounter, Turigulon hits hard and fast. He has extremely high hitpoints, armor class (~70) and fairly good saves so it will take some time to defeat him. Beware of the Pit Fiend Super Natural Poison, on a roll save of 1 and failure, your constitution goes to 0 on EE/Reaper and your stunned. You'll be quickly killed if solo. You'll want a good tank to maintain his aggro. However, unlike most Pit Fiends, Turigulon does not have true seeing, so as long as you can keep your tank displaced, he is not too major of a threat. Just beat him down like any other boss and keep your tank alive.