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"Spies? In my war room? I think not!"


Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Devil (List)

Sub-race: Horned Devil (List)

Monster Manual classification: Horned Devil

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Red Named - Quest Boss

CR:  ♦22Normal ♠32Elite

Attack: Bite (Piercing), Claw (Slashing), Power Strike (reverse gravity effect). Known Spells: Chain Lightning, Ball Lightning, Delayed Blast Fireball, Enervation.

Special Qualities: DR  ♠20Elite/Good and Silver, Teleport, resistant to acid and cold, immune to fire

Habitat: Bastion of Power — First final boss

Description: Various tieflings spawn in waves while he is alive. He can either be beaten down directly, or the party can try to kill him using the runes to get an extra chest. As his hit points go down, he will cast reverse gravity at 75%/50%/25% hp left. You should have some people in the room below the red banners, to try to get up to the platforms above to light the 3 runes. Once the third rune is lit, the boss will die instantly and the extra chest will be available after the quest is complete. Be sure to jump down after lighting the runes - killing the portals has no real effect. Once he is killed, the last end boss, Keradi, will spawn.

"Fools! You don't know what you've done! It'll kill you all!"