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Martial arts feats

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At level 1, 2, and 6 a monk gets to select a bonus martial arts feat. All prerequisites of the selected feat must be met.

Combat Expertise • Whirling Steel Strike • Mobility • Weapon Finesse • Improved Trip • Power Attack • Precision • Resilience • Two Handed Fighting • Zen Archery • Two Weapon Fighting • Improved Sunder • Toughness • Discipline • Great Fortitude • Iron Will • Lightning Reflexes • Diehard • Stunning Fist • Shuriken Expertise • Ten Thousand Stars • Dodge • Spring Attack • Single Weapon Fighting • Deflect Arrows • Swords to Plowshares • Toughness/sandbox • Diehard/sandbox • Improved Trip/sandbox • Shuriken Expertise/sandbox • Stunning Fist/sandbox • Ten Thousand Stars/sandbox • Deflect Arrows/sandbox • Dodge/sandbox • Combat Expertise/sandbox

Bug: Spring Attack can only be taken as the third martial arts feat at Monk level 6. Multiclass characters taking the first or second level of Monk cannot take Spring Attack as their martial arts feat, even if they meet the prerequisites.