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Critical hit multiplier

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The critical hit multiplier is the number by which the base damage is multiplied upon a confirmed critical hit. Not to be confused with critical threat - which refers to how likely you are to land a critical hit. It also affects various damage effects coming from specific weapon enhancements;

Common weapons' threat range/multiplier[edit]

18-20 19-20 20

Ways to increase multiplier[edit]

  • Competence bonus to critical hit multiplier can come from various sources. Multiple effects granting competence bonus don't stack.
    • Vile Chemist: +1 critical range and multiplier for Simple Weapons while wielding a Simple Weapon, Orb, Rune Arm, or nothing in your off hand.
    • Artificer's Battle Engineer capstone: +1 for Crossbows, Bastard Swords, Dwarven Axes, Light Hammers, Warhammers, and Morningstars.
    • Focused Wrath - Frenzied Berserker enhancements T5: +1 / +2
    • Occult Metalline - Occult Slayer enhancements T5: +1
    • Bard's Swashbuckling enhancement modifies the threat / multiplier as follows
      • Dagger, Shortsword, Throwing Dagger: +1 Threat, +1 Multiplier
      • Light Mace, Light Hammer, Kama, Sickle, Dart, Shuriken, Throwing Axe, Throwing Hammer: +2 Threat, +1 Multiplier
      • Kukri, Rapier: +1 Multiplier
      • Handaxe: +2 Threat
      • Light Pick: +1 Threat
    • Kensei's 3rd core: +1
    • Paladin spell: Holy Sword: +1 to threat and multiplier for all weapons (not shields). Also War domain cleric SLA.
    • Staff Specialization, available for Rogues and Monks, add +1 to threat and multiplier for quarterstaves
    • Knife Specialization, available for Assassins, adds +1 multiplier for daggers and kukris. Additionally, it adds +1 to threat for daggers.
    • Expert Builder, available for Mechanics, adds +1 multiplier for bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons; +2 for great crossbows.
    • Deflect Arrows available for Tempests, add +1 multiplier while dual wielding weapons (not handwraps).
    • Ninja Master, available for Ninjas, adds +1 multiplier while centered.
    • Empty Hand Mastery of Shintao monks adds +1 for Handwraps
    • Favored Soul +1 With Favored Weapon, Warsoul T5
  • Insight bonus
    • Lethality, available for Assassins, adds +1 multiplier for any one-handed weapon you are wielding (Two Weapon Fighters will get the bonus for both weapons provided they qualify).
  • Sacred bonus
    • Destroyer of the Dead: Clubs, Light Maces, Heavy Maces, and Morningstars you wield gain a +1 Sacred Bonus to Critical Multiplier.
  • Vanguard's 5th core ability increases the threat range and multiplier of your shield by 1.

Many active attacks, often coming from enhancements, feats, or epic destiny abilities, modify the critical threat and/or multiplier of a single attack. These effects usually stack with everything else.

Ways to increase multiplier on 19 and 20[edit]

Multiple ways exist now to increase critical multiplier on the rolls of 19 and 20. All of these fully stack.