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Risia Ice Games/Bogwater Half Pipe

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Bogwater Half Pipe[edit]

Bogwater Half Pipe
Note: the top of the pillar in Bogwater Tavern is no-longer accessible (invisible barrier blocks you getting there via air jet and any characters left parked up there are teleported down when they log in). This page needs lots of editing.

This is held in an Bogwater Tavern in House Phiarlan.

There are 4 runes on the ice: 2 on the left with buttons, 1 on the right with a button, and 1 in the center without a button. It is easier to NOT use ice skates here. You need (at least) 1 person for each of the 3 buttons, and 1 person standing on the center rune. When all 3 buttons are pressed simultaneously, an air jet will go off at the center rune, blowing that person into the air to (1) get coins or (2) land on the high pillar to the left.

The only reliable way to do this is to have 2 people with featherfall standing above each of the 3 runes, and have all 6 of them jump onto the runes at the same moment. Use 2 at each rune for a higher chance of success. Ignore the fact that you can keep the runes' lights lit up for longer by having people slide around/fall-over on the runes: this doesn't help at all, since having the 3 lights lit at the same time won't turn on the jet. Only hitting the 3 runes at the same time will fire the jet; pressing and holding one then the others won't help.

The air jet sends you in a direction according to where on the rune you were standing. Slightly forward from exact center on the rune might be best. If you land on the pillar, you can (A) jump down with Feather Fall to grab the purple coin or (B) buy and use a Greater Bracelet of Friendship from the DDO Store to get up to 11 other people up there at a time.

If you are using a bracelet to get teleported onto the pillar:

  1. Make sure you have Feather Fall.
  2. Form a single-file line and jump down one-at-a-time. The purple coin disappears for a moment after someone gets it: you don't want to miss it due to being too close to the person ahead of you. This disappearing coin may or may not be visual only: some have said that you still get the coin even if it wasn't visible when you passed through.
  3. Don't jump until you see the purple coin. If the coin isn't appearing for you, you didn't spend enough time outside the tavern before being teleported up. Go to the back of the line to give the coin more time to re-appear, and/or relog (log out, log back in).
  4. White and blue coins are easy to get in the harbor without skates. Only the purple coin is worth getting in Bogwater. If you have wings or abundant step you might be able to get the purple and a white, but don't miss the purple.
  5. After you get the purple, leave the tavern for 30 seconds to get the coin to reset for you. Either walk out of the tavern or use /death to go to your bind point (you should bind anywhere except the Bogwater tavern). Note that /death from within a tavern does not damage your equipment.
  6. After everyone is out of the tavern but the teleporter, they can use the next charge on the bracelet to teleport everyone back in. They can be anywhere that is a public area (so don't go to the subterraine, as you won't be teleported from there). It used to be that anyone being disconnected when the bracelet is used will cause them and anyone after them in the list to not be teleported; I don't know if recent updates fixed this.
  7. If you just made it out of the tavern when the next teleport come up, wait for the teleport to count down some before accepting it. The teleport is available for 1 minute; let it count down to 30 seconds to be sure the coin will be reset for you.
  8. If you are teleporting people up, stand at the wall between the 2 pillars, facing the coins. That way, people won't accidentally fall off or be disoriented by being too close to the edge or facing the wall when they appear.
  9. If more than 40(?) people are in the Bogwater tavern, the game will form a 2nd instance of the Bogwater tavern. You can then switch instances just after you get the purple coin to get a 2nd purple coin in the other instance.
    • All teleporters should be in instance 2, so that people switching instance mid-air won't get in the way of people jumping, and also to prevent the instance from disappearing if some people leave.
    • It's easy to do if you angle your camera down slightly, line up with the coin, and use the mouse to click the instance drop-down list before jumping. Hover your mouse over the destination instance (usually instance 1) and use the keyboard to jump off the edge. As soon as your feet touch the purple coin you click the mouse on the other instance and get the other coin, /death when you hit the ground. By jumping instead of walking off, you get more time drifting down to line up.
  10. It is common for the teleporter to charge 2 purple coins per bracelet (10 charges), but I have seen people charge as many as 5 if there are 2 instances. Thus, if the group has a full 12 people in it (1 teleporter and 11 jumpers), the teleporter gets 55 purple coins per bracelet and the jumpers get 5 purple coins (or 15 if switching instances mid-air). This may sound unfair, but remember, your only investment is time, but the teleporter has to pay 150 DDO points per bracelet. Some only charge 1 purple coin per bracelet, some charge 3 purple coins per bracelet.
  11. Between teleports, you can run to the Harbor and jump for white/blue coins (from the shack on the pier, or from the houses by Irestone's captain). You can either bind in the Wayward Lobster and use /death, or run outside the Bogwater and use the teleporter (to Marketplace and walk to Harbor) or airship tower (to Harbor).
  12. *New for 2010* As of December 2010 coin rewards are randomized among party members. To make sure each person gets their own coins, it is best to leave the party when you get to the top of the pillar, then after leaving the tavern, send a tell to the party leader asking to rejoin. Or, make sure everyone in the party stays in the instance until all have jumped, so the random distribution evens-out. If you have 2 instances and hop mid-coin, each party member should be alone in the other instance during that coin and get 1 for sure and 1 random (on average) per jump. Because of the random distribution, many porters don't charge for providing the bracelet.
  13. *New for 2010* It can take up to a few seconds to get your coin(s), so wait to /death out until after reaching the ground.
  14. The ideal way would be to get 11 other people together, then you all buy a Bracelet each, and take turns using them. Everyone would end up getting 110 Purple Coins each, or 220 if switching instances. Pretty good payoff for just 1 Bracelet. However this takes a lot of coordination and quite a bit of time.
  15. To recap, here are the steps for jumpers:
    • Get Feather Fall. Sometimes, there will be a caster in your group who can cast it on you for each jump.
    • Bind your resurrection in the Wayward Lobster so you can go for blue and/or white coins between teleports.
    • Find a party doing coin jumps in Bogwater. Try looking in the Grouping tab of the Social Panel.
    • Once in a group, wait for the leader to teleport you all up to the pillar. Have patience at this step, as it can take 30 minutes for a group to fill up initially.
    • Once teleported, LEAVE THE GROUP. It's considered polite to pay the asked-for fee as soon as you have enough coins. I typically save enough coins from my last session to pay for the next and pay on the first teleport.
    • Wait in line to jump. If you're not ready to jump yet, step to the side, out of line.
    • When you get to the front of the line, aim for the purple coin as described above, and jump.
    • If possible switch instances just as your feet touch the purple coin.
    • When you land, type /death or leave the tavern immediately.
    • Don't send a tell to the party leader asking to rejoin, he/she is quite busy at this point. Rejoin through the party announcement in the Grouping tab of the Social panel. If the group doesn't show immediately, wait a minute or two then look again. Don't make the party leader send you a tell, this is a hassle for him/her.
    • While waiting, jump for blue coins in the harbor. You can usually get 1 or 2 each time between teleports.
    • Once everyone is back in the party, the leader will trigger another teleport. (Lather, Rinse, Repeat.)
  16. And here are some tips for running a group:
    • Advertise your party in the Grouping tab of the Social panel. Make sure to change the level range to 1-20. It helps to put how many jumps (charges) are left in the bracelet (10 to start), what fee you're charging, and how many open group slots there are.
    • Don't bother buying a bracelet from the DDO Store until your party fills up, just in case it doesn't.
    • Once people start joining, remember to convert to a raid party so you can accept 12, not just 6.
    • Just before triggering each jump, announce it to the party over voice chat.
    • It helps a lot to write down the names of all the players in your group on a notepad, as they will be leaving and rejoining the party repeatedly. You can also use a check-mark or something next to their names to keep track of who has paid you and who hasn't yet.
    • As people are lining up to jump, if you notice a party member about to jump but still in the party, dismiss them so they don't miss out on a coin.
    • Each time the group is full and each time everybody leaves, your party will disappear from the Social panel, so you will need to update it often. You should also update it after each teleport with how many charges are remaining.
    • It is easier for you if you keep the Join Requests box open for re-adding your players back into the group.
    • Make sure everyone is back in the group BEFORE triggering the next teleport. This is where the paper list is handy, you can send tells to the people who forget to rejoin.
  17. Or, as mentioned above, keep all party members in-group and inside the tavern until all have jumped (so they all get the same chance at receiving each coin in that instance). After the last coin is received, all jumpers step out of the tavern. Party leader waits 30 seconds with all jumpers outside the tavern, then ports them up again. If there are 2 instances, each member is guaranteed the coin in the other instance if each jumper switches mid-coin, and switches back after they land (so each jumper is the only party member in the other instance when they are there).
    • The party leader can also watch and record which members receive the randomly-assigned coins and charge 1 coin per 10 received, instead of per jump. Thus, every member pays the same rate even if the random distribution doesn't even out, and there isn't any waiting to reform the group.

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