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Risia Ice Games/Harbor Ski Jump

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History shield-book-sword.png
History shield-book-sword.png
This event was retired in 2020. It has been replaced by the Snowpeaks Festival.
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Harbor Ski Jump[edit]

Harbor Ski Jump

Basic technique[edit]

Get the skates and get as much speed and jump skill as you can get. Phiarlan Pendant of Time clickie and Jump buff work well here. Go to the start ramp (near the drow in the Harbor) and drop onto the ramp. Run forward, and jump on the upward slope of the ramp. If you have good lift, aim for the next jump (slightly to the left), otherwise try and get a few coins on the way down.

On the second ramp, try to land before the up-slope, otherwise you will lose all momentum. Use the up-slope to jump onto the high platform above the ice rink. Turn left and go to the down-ramp. Again, momentum (and timing) is key. Jump at the end of the up-slope and you'll hit the final ramp - again, get momentum and jump at the end of the slope and you'll hopefully hit that purple coin. If you do all the jumps perfectly, you'll get 1 purple, 3 blue and 3 white coins.

If you lose momentum on the 'u' ramps, you can, if you're careful, go back and forth until you get enough to proceed. Beware lag - the jumps are exceedingly sensitive to lag. Hot Cocoa from DDO Store teleports you back to the starting point quickly to try again.

Instead of going to the top of the first jump by the Harbormaster's House, you can start at the first U jump: jump to the roof of the shack on the pier, then jump East to either of the South masts of the ship there, you can land inside the mast. Jump from there to the U jump, then continue as above. If you are a Favored Soul or Monk, you can even Abundant Step/Leap of Faith from the mast directly to the purple coin (video). *Note that this method is no longer viable with the restructure of the harbor layout. The Mast needed to perform this shortcut has been removed. (Risia games 2019)

Jumping for blue and white coins (no ice skates required) - You can also jump from the houses by the Irestone Inlet quest entrance. It works best if you have a high Jump skill, and Feather Fall. If you switch instances mid-coin you can easily get 2 blue coins per jump, sometimes 3 if you switch twice.

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Boathouse Jump Method[edit]

Go to the Boathouse in the Harbor. This can be found at water level across the Harbor from the Lighthouse. and is a small shack with a rowboat hanging off the side. From the top of the Boathouse, looking in the direction of the Lighthouse, jump at the blue coin. With practice and perhaps a Jump potion and/or Feather Fall you will be able to grab it. Also possible, though more difficult, is to jump towards the white coins (on the right as you're looking towards the lighthouse), grab it on the way up and on the way down navigate to grab the blue coin as well.

It's fairly easy to get 2 white and the one blue coin in the boat house jump. As well as the white described above there is another above and to the right of it which can be reach easily with good jump and Feather Fall. When it "dings", swing to the left and locate the second white and drift to it, then swing to locate the blue and drop through it.

An additional 1 white and 2 blue can be reached from the boathouse with one additional jump. By jumping from the boathouse to the right mast (as viewed from the boathouse) of the nearby docked ship you will gain the height needed to reach 2 blue and 1 white coins. Once you reach the mast let yourself fall until you reach something solid. This trick can also be used to reach the second ramp or final ramp of the jump and put you close to a purple coin.

The Leaky Dinghy Jump Method[edit]

After 10.1 update lowered the last Purple Coin location you can get it via jumping from the The Leaky Dinghy. You'll need Monk Abundant Step or Favored Soul Leap of Faith to reach it. But you'll not need any skates. Move to the very top of the Tavern and move to the far left facing the coin locations (make sure graphics draw distance is high). Then with 40+ jump, jump towards the Purple coin and then Step or Leap towards the coin. You should glide to it and collect a purple coin. This is easy enough for a monk thanks to their speed, but extremely hard for a pure FvS as requires perfect positioning. Easier with bbn/ranger/monk levels for additional speed.

Alternate easier way for favored souls: Jump up the floating stones near from the dinghy roof to about the third stone. It's a much longer distance, but actually much easier to do as you get a bit more height. It will take 2 leaps of faith to get to the coin.

Cargo Crane Method[edit]

With the updated layout of the harbor, there's now a crane to unload the ship. The North West corner is in a light gravity zone, and with a high jump, you can make it onto the western edge of the floating crane. FvS or Monk can leap to grab 3 blue coins.