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Glancing blow

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History shield-book-sword.png
History shield-book-sword.png
This page is about a mechanic that no longer exists in-game.  It has been replaced by Strikethrough.
If you can verify that the mechanic still exists, please edit this page and remove this template.

A glancing blow is an additional hit caused with a two-handed weapon. Glancing blows have lower chance of hitting and do significantly less damage than ordinary attacks, but they can strike multiple enemies.

Glancing blows are an inherent property of all two-handed weapons, including quarterstaffs. No Feats or Enhancements are required to enable them, though some make them better.

As of Update 5, two exotic weapons - bastard swords and dwarven waraxes cause glancing blows when wielded alone or with a shield (or with a Rune Arm, which Imbues each glancing blow with extra damage as well), not when used in two-weapon fighting. Despite being one-handed weapons, these glancing blows are improved in the same manner as two-handed weapons, including the Two Handed Fighting feats and class enhancements.

Basic mechanics[edit]

One free glancing blow attack is made automatically against all enemies in a wide arc in front of your character on the first and fourth swing (if you have a fourth swing) of your attack sequence. Greater Two Handed Fighting additionally grants a glancing blow on your third attack while stationary.

If you move while attacking, you don't get glancing blows. As of Update 23, Glancing Blows now work while moving if a character has the Two Handed Fighting feat.

It is possible—in fact, common—to get both a glancing and a normal attack against your main target. These are rolled separately.

Glancing blow attack rolls use your normal attack modifiers with a -5 penalty.

Glancing blow weapon damage starts at a base of 20% of a regular hit. The minimum damage of 1, however Damage Reduction applies against it normally, and can reduce the damage to zero.

Glancing blows cannot critically hit.

Glancing blows cannot doublestrike.

Glancing blows ordinarily do not cause any special weapon effects.

Glancing blow weapon damage and chance of applying special weapon effects can be increased by the Two-Handed Fighting feat line, enhancements, and Epic Destinies.

Some special effects always apply to glancing blow damage, for example:


Feat Glancing blow damage Chance to produce weapon effect
None 20% 0%
Two Handed Fighting +10% +3%
Improved Two Handed Fighting +10% +3%
Greater Two Handed Fighting +10% +3%
Perfect Two Handed Fighting +10% +10%


  • Frenzied Berserker enhancements
    • Angry Arms: +[1/2/3]% chance of triggering weapon effects on glancing blows and +[3/4/5]% glancing blow damage.
    • Mad Munitions: +[1/2/3]% chance of triggering weapon effects on glancing blows and +[3/4/5]% glancing blow damage
    • Focus Wide: When you score a vorpal hit, you increase your chance of triggering weapon effects with glancing blows by +10% and gain +10% glancing blow damage for 12 seconds.
  • Thief-Acrobat enhancements
    • Improved Glancing Blows: Glancing blows produced by your two-handed weapon attacks get an additional [4/8/12]% chance of producing secondary weapon effects.

Epic Destinies[edit]

  • Fatesinger
    • Echoes of the Ancestors: Primal: Fury of the Wild: (...) You also have a +3% chance to trigger weapon effects on glancing blows. (...)
  • Fury of the Wild
    • Malicious Weapons: +[3/6/9]% chance to trigger weapon effects with glancing blows.
    • Wild Weapons: Passive Bonus: +[3/6/9]% glancing blow damage.
    • Unbridled Fury: (...) Glancing Blows (...) deal +100% damage and have 100% chance of triggering weapon effects (...)


Druids wild shaped into Bear and Dire Bear form deal glancing blows with any weapon. The glancing blows happen on two out of four attacks in the attack sequence. THF feats don't work while in Wild Shape.