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Devil Battlefield

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The Devils of Shavarath adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: The Devils of Shavarath

Much blood has been spilled on this ground. In recent months, most of it came from Archon casualties as the Devils drove them out of power.


This adventure zone is accessed through Amrath.

This is a level 19 Wilderness Adventure Area, allowing characters from levels 15 to 24 to get full experience.

Devil Battlefield map - Spoilers!
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In addition to the Rare Encounter / Slayer / Explorer missions typical to all Wilderness Adventure Areas, the following quests can be found in this zone:

Rare Encounters[edit]

Each Rare Encounter is worth 1,100 XP; the bonus for defeating all of them is 7,700 XP.

  • Slay Centurion Kalon (orange named orthon)
  • Slay the battle hound Blackpaw (orange named hellhound)
  • Slay Centurion Aima (orange named orthon)
  • Slay the war cat Redtooth (yellow named bezekira)
  • Slay the battle hound Firefang (orange named hellhound)
  • Destroy the siege golem Gatesmasher
  • Slay Primus Makari (orange named pit fiend)
  • Slay Primus Aspidon (red named pit fiend)
  • Destroy the assault golem Bonebreaker (orange named iron golem)
  • Slay Prefect Lysson
  • Destroy the battle golem Demoncrusher (orange named stone golem)
  • Slay Centurion Armisos (red named horned devil)
  • Slay the Beastmaster Agradoxes (red named bearded devil)
  • Slay Grumnuk the Mercenary


  • Slay 10 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 805 XP = 80.5 xp/kill
  • Slay 25 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 1,086 XP = 72.4 xp/kill
  • Slay 50 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 1,465 XP = 58.6 xp/kill
  • Slay 100 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 2,145 XP = 42.9 xp/kill
  • Slay 200 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 3,385 XP = 33.85 xp/kill
  • Slay 400 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 5,815 XP = 29.08 xp/kill
  • Slay 750 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 9,645 XP = 27.56 xp/kill
  • Slay 1,500 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 19,845 XP = 26.46 xp/kill
  • Slay 3,000 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 39,985 XP = 26.66 xp/kill
  • Slay 5,000 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 55,575 XP = 27.79 xp/kill
  • Slay 7,500 creatures in Devil Battlefield: 72,584 XP = 29.03 xp/kill


Each Explorer is worth 550 XP, the bonus for finding all of them is 1,925 XP.


  • Find Devils' Spine ridge
  • Discover the Citadel atop the Devils' Spine
  • Find the Genesis Point base
  • Explore the Flayed Lands
  • Discover the Third Legion's Redoubt
  • Find the Hall of the Third Legion
  • Find the Shattered Ruins
  • Discover The Neck, a choke point
  • Find the Amrath Crater Overlook
  • Discover the Iron Maw Overlook
  • Find the Gullet trenches.
  • Discover the Shrine to the High Council
  • Get inside the Outer Wall gate
  • Discover the Tower of Despair


Monsters in the zone not found on the rare encounters list. Monster Information

Named Monsters: