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Ability Damaged

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Ability Damage[edit]

Some attacks reduce the opponent's score in one or more abilities. Ability damage can reduce your score to zero, but not below zero. When your score is zero, your ability modifier drops to −5.

Ability damage is always an annoyance, but it is particularly dangerous when a score is reduced to zero – this makes the affected creature helpless (all incoming damage is multiplied by 1.5). Red and purple creatures can never be rendered helpless.

Ability penalty is similar effect, but are generally more temporary and often work on red and purple named enemies. Ability penalties, e.g. from ray of enfeeblement do not stack - only the highest penalty applies. Ability penalty and ability damage do stack.

Notes on how this applies to monsters:

  • Works the same as it does on players versus regular monsters.
  • Red named creature can suffer ability damage, but only up to 10 points, and may never reach a score of 0 in any stat.
  • Purple named creatures are completely immune to ability damage.
  • Creatures with Epic Ward are resistant to ability damage.

Ability damage automatically regenerates (except in Reaper mode) at a rate of 1 point per minute (applies to both monsters and players).


Changes in ability scores impact many statistics of both player character and monsters, including hit points, carrying capacity, saving throws, skill checks, access to spells, etc.

  • Constitution damage has a particularly lethal effect in reducing both your current hit points as well as total hit points. In general, every 2 points of Constitution damage reduce a creature's hit points by a number equal to its level (or HD in the case of monsters). Other important statistics affected are the Fortitude saving throw and the concentration skill. Reducing Constitution to 0 stuns the affected creature for 6 seconds.
  • Strength damage can be equally dangerous. In addition to the obvious effect of reducing your melee attack rolls and damage rolls, it affects your carrying capacity and can render your character encumbered (reducing your movement speed, some skills and possibly your armor class).
  • Damaging mental ability scores can cause your character to lose the ability to cast spells. Many skills are also affected. Damaged Wisdom reduces your Will saving throw.

Healing Ability Damage[edit]

Ability damage regenerates at a rate of 1 point of each ability score per minute. Some monsters (especially bosses) recover ability damage at a much faster rate. Ability penalties disappear when the spell that caused them expires.

There are other ways to recover from debuffs and other ability damage.

Sources of Ability Damage[edit]


Spells and effects:

Sources of Ability Penalties[edit]


Spells and effects: