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Fascinate icon.png


  • Level: Bard 1
  • Perform: 3 ranks*
  • Target: All nearby enemies not immune to mind-affecting effects
  • Base Duration: 24 seconds + 6 seconds per bard level
  • Saving Throw: Will negates, DC = Perform skill + 1d20
  • Song Description: This song fascinates most nearby living (not oozes, undead or constructs, unless core spellsinger enhancement have been acquired) enemies, causing them to cease their activities until they're damaged or the effect ends. Fascinated enemies are also vulnerable to charming by Suggestion Song and Mass Suggestion Song.
  • Notes:
    • This song takes about 5 seconds of playing before the effect applies, and it affects enemies near the Bard at that time, not necessarily those that were close when the song started.
    • This song benefits from enhancements that increase song duration.
    • Fascinate is considered a mind-affecting ability; thus, mindless enemies or those immune to mind effecting abilities are immune, like vermin (scorpions and spiders).
    • Orange, Red and purple named enemies are immune.
    • In-game description displays an inaccurate duration. See this article's talk page for confirmation on duration with examples.
*Only the base number of Perform ranks bought with skill points count toward the requirement to be able to play this song. (Skill bonuses do not count.)