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Skaldic Rage

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Skaldic Rage is the first core enhancement in Warchanter tree, of the Bard class.

Description: Expend a Song to fly into Rage, granting you a +4 Rage bonus to Strength and -4 penalty to AC. When Skaldic Rage ends you become Fatigued. Requires 4 trained ranks in Perform to use. Skaldic Rage lasts 1 minute per Bard level.

(Rage bonuses don't stack with Barbarian Rage.)


  • Activating Skaldic Rage along with barbarian rage grants no additional benefit (although your armor class is decreased by additional 4).
  • Enhancements from the Barbarian prestige trees, e.g. Ravager's Hardy Rage do not increase the effect of your Skaldic Rage.
  • Instant activation like Barbarian Rage.
  • Counts as a Rage effect for the purposes of the Fury of the Wild Epic Destiny.