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Inspire Excellence

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Icon Feat Inspire Excellence.png
Inspire Excellence

  • Usage: Active
  • Prerequisite: Bard 12, Character Level 21, Perform: 20 trained ranks


This Epic Feat allows bards to sing a song that grants a +2 competence bonus to all ability scores.

  • Target: Bard and all nearby allies
  • Duration: 4 minutes

Inspire Excellence

  • Level: Bard 12, character level 21
  • Perform: 20 ranks*
  • Target: Bard and all nearby allies
  • Base Duration: 4 minutes
  • Song Description: You can improve the abilities of your comrades through your performance. This song grants a +2 competence bonus to all ability scores to yourself and all allies near you.
  • Notes:
    • Since Update 41.1, Inspire Excellence requires only 12 levels of Bard.
    • Since Update 41.2, Inspire Excellence is part of the Bardic Inspiration song.
    • Ability increase is a competence bonus, and it does not stack with Stalwart Defender ability score bonuses in defensive stance.
*Only the base number of Perform ranks bought with skill points count toward the requirement to be able to play this song. (Skill bonuses do not count.)