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Duergar sub-race

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A typical Duergar


Duergar, also known as gray dwarves, are a subterranean race. They are close kin to dwarves, but with a diabolic taint to their blood. They now carve out their existence in the Underdark, often near volcanoes. Their kinship to surface dwarves can be compared to that of the drow to surface elves.

Duergar are Dwarf type monsters.


On death, they can drop a Lump of Coal (1-2% chance), random Gem (0.01% chance), or Adamantine Ore (0.0001% chance, about 1 in a million kills). This was added in Update 8, Dec 13 2010. See the release notes, and drop rate drop rate measurements.

Originally Posted by (former developer) Eladrin Source on September 28, 2011

All duergar in the game already do have a small chance to drop adamantine ore. (Or gems, or lumps of coal.)


Various weaponry, often adamantine weapons. Some possess spellcasting.



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