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Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan

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Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan.jpg

Name: Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Affiliation(s): House Phiarlan


Description: <Bard Trainer>

Notes: She is the daughter of the viceroy of House Phiarlan, Morian Shol d'Phiarlan, and is in charge of the Livewood theatre.

The Harbor[edit]

As a bard trainer, she will reply to you:

  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: I run the Livewood Theatre, so I'm always looking for new Bard talent.
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: With proper guidance, you could learn how to enthrall and audience with your songs, how to instill confidence or doubt with naught but your lute.
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: Would you like training in the Bardic arts?

House Phiarlan Enclave[edit]

She starts and finish the spectacle happening in the Livewood Theater. Before the show starts, she will present the actors (Fenris and either Arganon or Brawnpits), and say:

  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: Lords...
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: Ladies...
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: Warforged...
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: House Phiarlan welcomes you to the Livewood Theatre!
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: Today we present to you a tale of ancient empires...
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: ... unspeakable evils...
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: ... and dragons of forgotten legend.
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: I am proud to give you... 'The Fall of Truth!'

After the show, she will come back and announce:

  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: My dear audience...
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: I give you the players of the Livewood stage!
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: Please return for future Livewood Theatre productions.
  • Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan: But for now, we must bid you farewell.