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Kylea d'Cannith

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Artificer symbol.jpg
Kylea d'Cannith.jpg

Name: Kylea d'Cannith

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Affiliation(s): House Cannith


Description: <Artificer Trainer> (Harbor), and <Crystal Expert> (House Cannith)

Notes: Kylea is a Cannith Artificer, and also Lars Heyton's niece.

The Harbor[edit]

Kylea can be found outside The Wayward Lobster, and is an Artificer Trainer.

  • Kylea d'Cannith: Uncle Heyton wrote me a letter describing a <class> like you... <name> is it?
  • Kylea d'Cannith: I'm normally very busy, but if you'd like, I can teach you some of the great secrets of the Artificers. We see magic's secret patterns - and we forge them into wondrous constructs and spells.

Power Play[edit]

Kylea is a friendly NPC (CR  ♦16Normal ♥19Hard ♠23Elite) that is required to be guided through the quest to reactivate the Cannith power crystals. She can't die, but if she is seriously harmed, she will put a forcefield around her and stop moving until the enemies nearby are dead.

  • Dungeon Master: A young woman in House Cannith robes waves to you. "I knew they'd send someone!" she says with relief.
  • Kylea d'Cannith: About time someone got here! I'm Kylea. I used to work here in the Power Works until the Lord of Blades captured the Manufactury and sent Steelthorn and his men to disable the power crystals.
  • Kylea d'Cannith: We've got a big job to do. I can re-enable the power crystals, no problem. But I'm not much for fighting. That's where you come in. You take care of Steelthorn and his troops, and I'll take care of the crystals. Sound good?
    • You: Follow me. I'll deal with the opposition while you re-enable the crystals.
      • Kylea d'Cannith: Go on. I'm right behind you!
    • You: Let me get this straight. Am I going to have to baby-sit your squishy little hide the whole time?
      • Kylea d'Cannith: Don't worry, I can take care of myself.
      • Kylea d'Cannith: I am an expert in magic, after all. True, it's mostly magic related to enchanting crystals and channeling arcane energy, but I do know a defensive spell or two.
      • Kylea d'Cannith: If I get in over my head, I'll put up a spell and lay low until the carnage has stopped and it looks safe. Then we can get back to the crystals.
    • You: What if we get split up? Where can I find you?
      • Kylea d'Cannith: I should be right behind you, but if we get split up somehow just go to the Entrance Hall and pull that lever on the floor. I'll teleport back using a spell.
      • Kylea d'Cannith: Before Steelthorn took over, the higher-ups in House Cannith used that lever to summon us from the Power Works floor when they wanted to lecture... I mean talk to us. Glad to see it get used for something more useful!
    • You: What's so important about re-enabling these crystals?
      • Kylea d'Cannith: Control of these power crystals is vitally important to defeating the Lord of Blades. The crystals store arcane energy, energy that House Cannith's spellcasters draw on. With the crystals disabled, we're cut off from that power.
      • Kylea d'Cannith: There's a more practical advantage to enabling the crystals. The magefire cannons used for security inside the Power Works are directly linked to the power crystals. Re-enable a crystal, and the magefire cannon attached to it will fight for us. That'll help even the odds!