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Fleshrender sub-race

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A Fleshrender


Fleshrenders are Evil Outsider type monsters. As all demons, they are always Chaotic Evil


Worry chiefly about its claw attacks: they strike with deadly accuracy, and have a chance to infect the victim with a deadly poison. Even some of the toughest dwarves have fallen victim to it. The tail of the beast can also catch you off guard and inject you with the foul toxin as well! Then there's the fact that fleshrenders have been known to cast spells as diverse as Inflict wounds spells and flame strike. Many different fleshrenders, with titles, names, and authority over some underworld domain, have a variety of puissant arcana at their disposal.

Arcane spellcasters are advised to rely on electrical effects such as ball lightning and lightning bolt. Fighters who prefer to use a sword or mace will have no easier time dealing with the render, thanks to its magically tough skin...or hide, or whatever it is that contains its evil spirit. Even worse, should the combatants prove sufficiently skilled or strong to strike the demon, the creature's evil origin also renders it immune to most physical attacks, unless those attacks are blessed by the holy power. In other words, unless your blade or mace is capable of dealing holy damage to the target, the fleshrender will ignore your blows. There are rumors that toughest of these fleshrenders, their dukes and other royalty, can only be wounded by holy cold iron weapons. As with many extraplanar creatures, dismissal and banishment are other options, if you are successful at overcoming the creature's spell resistance and excellent saving throws.

Some rare and powerful fleshrenders are adept with the use of their claw attacks, and can deal a vorpal strike! Protect yourself with wards against death effects. You should proceed with caution any time you discover that an extra-planar portal has manifested. The fleshrender is but one of the horrors that can pour out of it, and seldom is it the only type of evil to cross the threshold into your domain.


Claw, tail, spells, poison



  • Fleshrenders originated from Khyber and Xoriat are almost identical, but their DR is bypassed by Byeshk instead of Cold Iron.
  • Fire Reavers have a greater affinity with fire, being immune to them, and casting fire-based spells at you.
  • Ice Flensers have a greater affinity with cold, being immune to them, and casting ice-based spells at you.

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