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The Devil's Gambit

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The Devil's Gambit adpack icon.jpg
450 DP Requires access to adventure pack: The Devil's Gambit

Update 28 teaser screenshot. Slaad is a new monster as of this Update.
Update28Teaser Twitter2.jpg
Update28Teaser Twitter3.jpg

Defend Stormreach from demonic invaders!

The Devils have come to the city of Stormreach - and they have strange new powers. Enjoy four new adventures: meet a Green Slaad, befriend a bear, battle in the streets of House Cannith and protect Stormreach's most unusual tavern.

The players must chase Arraetrikos over the game world after he steals a powerful artifact.


There is no chain in this pack, the quests can be completed independently.

There's a teleporter NPC in the Gatekeeper's Grove who can beam you up directly to the quest givers in the Harbor, Twelve, and House Cannith. The quest givers can also return you to the Gatekeeper's Grove.

Quest NameQuest LevelBase FavorPatronCasualNormalHardElite
Tavern Brawl14/304The Gatekeepers
Grim and Barett14/306The Gatekeepers
Subversion14/306The Gatekeepers
Multitude of Menace14/306The Gatekeepers
Total4 Quests22 
 ♣47,095Epic Casual
 ♦80,529Epic Normal
 ♥82,566Epic Hard
 ♠84,600Epic Elite

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