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Isle of Dread Vecna.png

Name: Vecna

Race: Lich

Gender: Male


Description: The Hidden God. The Whispered One. The Archlich.

One of the most classic villains of Dungeons and Dragons, the wizard Vecna was born on the world of Oerth. Obsessed with magical power, Vecna quickly turned down the path of necromancy, transforming himself into a powerful Lich. Yet even this did not satisfy his thirst for power, and soon set about to conquer the land of Greyhawk at the head of an army of undead.

However, Vecna's power soon proved his own downfall. The archlich forged a powerful sentient weapon known as the Sword of Kas, granting the blade to his foremost general, the vampire known as Kas the Bloody Handed. On the eve of the final battle, Kas turned on Vecna, seeking to seize control of the wizard's armies for himself. In the ensuing battle, Vecna lost his left hand and eye to the vampire's sword before both were dragged into the mists of Ravenloft.

Vecna was imprisoned in Cavitius, a city of bones presided over by a shadowy copy of his original lair, the Rotting Tower. The lich grew tired of his imprisonment almost immediately, however, and somehow escaped from Ravenloft into the Outer Planes of the Forgotten Realms. Here, Vecna began his newest and greatest scheme: harvest the power of the planes to transform himself into a god.

He succeeded.

Vecna became the God of Secrets, and began travelling the various worlds in search of lost knowledge and magical power to hoard for himself. After the planar disturbance caused by the destruction of the Codex of the Infinite Planes, he seems to have taken an interest in the world of Eberron. As of now, the archlich is in possession of a set of thirteen magical artifacts known as the Planar Eyes, and stands to engage the heroes of Eberron in a final battle in upcoming mini-expansion Vecna Unleashed.