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Sor'jek Incanni (lich)

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Sor'jek Incanni: "Greetings small ones! I have little time for you. As you can see I'm already entertaining guests. Begone. Your short lives will be shorter if you are here once the ritual is complete."

  • Foolish mortals. Still you linger. You cannot stop me. I will claim these dragons for my master. Then I will claim you for myself.
  • Notice some of our scaly friends are not with us anymore? Yes, your struggle is in vain my friends.
  • Fools. Your death awaits you and your time runs thin. Flee while you can.
  • The worms return to feast on my bones... again...
  • Why is it my fate to be always undone by slaves such as these?
  • No more! I will crush these ants beanth by foot and begin anew!

Type: Undead (List)

Race: Lich (List)

Monster Manual classification: Missing from MM: Lich

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦28Normal ♠38Elite


  • Greatsword (Slashing) - Very slow melee attack which causes knockback, like all giants. ~30-60 damage per swing.
    • He performs doublestrikes with every swing
  • Spellcasting - See below

Special Qualities: 

  • HP:  ♦80kNormal ♥100kHard ♠180kElite
  • DR:  ♦30Normal ♥40Hard ♠50Elite/Bludgeon + Magic
  • 100% fortification (but can still be crit/sneak attacked by using various effects which lower fortification)
  • Low Fort save (Disintegrate works well), moderate reflex save (Fireball works well), high will save.
  • Immune to Lightning and Cold damage
  • See Invisibility
  • Various buffs based on his mephits - See below


Description: Purple named boss mob encountered in Stealer of Souls. For the one encountered in Tempest's Spine raid, see Sor'jek Incanni. Prior to becoming a Lich, Sor'jek was a Storm Giant.

Spells Known

Recommended Weapons

  • Greater Undead Bane blunt weapon (best with decent prefix, like Holy, Anarchic, Flaming, Acid, although ones lacking a prefix will suffice)
  • Blunt Greensteel (any with holy/fire/acid damage should do fine)
  • Triple Positive (Holy/Good Burst/Good Blast/Greater Disruption) weapons are by far the highest DPS for him.

Note that there are no Greater Bane weapons for mephits, as they are Neutral Outsiders and neither Elementals nor Magical Beasts.

Recommended Strategies

  • Sor'jek can be moderately effectively surrounded and kept in one place by 4 or more durable (500+ HP) characters. He can force his way out via knockback attacks, but doesn't do so often.
  • While locked in one general area, persistent AoE damage spells like Firewall are quite effective.
    • They can be equally effective when soloing by simply circling him, or in a group by simply holding aggravation. He will not pursue his target, he has caster AI and thus will simply lob spells at ranged attackers.
  • Many groups assign one (or more) players to kill all mephits on sight while the rest damage Sor'jek and try to hold him in place. However, the Syriana mephit can be completely ignored if desired.
  • Mephit spawn rates seem to increase over time, but only one of each specific mephit will be active at one time.

External links

Sor'jek Incanni: "Defeated again... yet my soul is no longer mine to lose, so I carry on."

Sor'jek Incanni: "Give the reaver my regards. Tell him we will all serve our role in the prophecy in the end. Like it or not..."

Sor'jek Incanni: "You whelps do not comprehend what you yet face. I will leave these trinkets to aid you on your road to oblivion. Farewell."