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Cellimas Villuhne

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Cellimas Villuhne.jpg

Name: Cellimas Villuhne

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Receives Quest(s): The Grotto

Affiliation(s): The Silver Flame


Description: Cellimas is a Silver Flame cleric that will guide you through your first adventures in Korthos alongside her partners Jeets Shimis and Talbron Tewn. You will also encounter her again (as an illusion) in the quest I Dream of Jeets. Most likely a relative of Antigua Villuhne.

The Grotto[edit]

Cellimas fights alongside you at several points during this quest. She is extremely powerful compared to the low level sahuagin.

As soon as you enter the quest, she will speak with you:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Who in Khyber are you?
  • Cellimas Villuhne: Identify yourself!
    • You: I am the <class> <name>. A dragon attacked my ship, and I alone survived. I then met your companions, who asked me to protect you until they arrive.
      • Cellimas Villuhne: Until they arrive? Is Jeets still sifting through the wreckage? I'll wring his little throat until his tongue falls out! Oh... (sigh), If you're willing to help me, I don't fancy waiting around for those idiots anymore.
    • You: My name is <name>, and I woke up on the beach to a rogue who most likely took my possessions. He then extorted my promise to be your lackey.
      • Cellimas Villuhne: (Sigh) I humbly apologize for my associate. He has a good heart, even if he does not always show it. I'll help you navigate this cave, which leads to a nearby fishing village. You'll be able find a hot meal and some work there.
        • You: What exactly are you doing in these caves?
          • Cellimas Villuhne: I've been hired to clear this cave of Sahuagin. Jeets and Talbron are supposed to help me; I hope they don't tarry too long. If you come with me, you should be comfortable with Sahuagin blood all over that rusty weapon of yours.
            • You: What's a Sahuagin?
              • Cellimas Villuhne: They're ugly, scaly, slimy, and they like to sacrifice innocents to their dark Devourer god. For these reasons, I am eager to smite them.
                • You: Can I ask you something else? (see below)
                • You: All right, I'm ready. Let's go. (Start quest)
            • You: Who hired you?
              • Cellimas Villuhne: My employer desires anonymity, and I desire his gold. Rest assured though, we do the work of good. I would not have taken this task otherwise.
                • You: Can I ask you something else? (see below)
                • You: All right, I'm ready. Let's go. (Start quest)
            • You: Can I ask you something else?
              • Cellimas Villuhne: What do you wish to know?
                • You: What exactly are you doing in these caves? (see above)
                • You: Is Jeets Shimis your friend? Aren't you worried about turning your back to a Rogue? (see below)
                • You: Is Talbron your friend? Why is he at the camp, and not here helping you? (see below)
                • You: All right, I'm ready. Let's go. (Start quest)
        • You: Is Jeets Shimis your friend? Aren't you worried about turning your back to a Rogue?
          • Cellimas Villuhne: I once thought so too, but Jeets changed my mind long ago. By the Silver Flame, he can still get my blood boiling sometimes! But... he's never let me down when it truly mattered. Also, Talbron thinks the world of him.
            • You: Can I ask you something else? (see above)
            • You: All right, I'm ready. Let's go. (Start quest)
        • You: Is Talbron your friend? Why is he at the camp, and not here helping you?
          • Cellimas Villuhne: Talbron has my highest respect. He has history with Jeets, and they're inseparable. Still, I'd wish they'd hurry. With all the sahuagin in these caves, I'll sorely miss Talbron's sorcery.
            • You: What's a Sahuagin? (see above)
            • You: Can I ask you something else? (see above)
            • You: All right, I'm ready. Let's go. (Start quest)
        • You: That sounds good. Lead the way (Start quest)

After introduction dialogue while walking to first gate:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: First, I shall surround us with a protection spell. (casts Protection from DeathIcon tooltip.pngYou are warded against death. Should you fall incapacitated, this spell will heal you and return you to consciousness. symbol in doorway)
  • Cellimas Villuhne: Now let's be about it.
  • Cellimas Villuhne: A gate! There must be a way to open it.
  • Cellimas Villuhne: Try up that ladder.
  • Cellimas Villuhne: I'll remain here, and bash any sahuagin trying to sneak out.

Before you drop through the crevice:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Go up the ladder. Look for a way to open the gate.

After you drop through the crevice but before you pull the lever:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Now that you've found a way over there you should look for some way to open that gate!

After pulling the lever while running through a hallway:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Good job, but no time to dawdle!
  • Cellimas Villuhne: The evil aura is oppressive. Sahuagin are behind the door.
  • Cellimas Villuhne: I'll take point. Talbron, cover me with your spells. Jeets, kill anything that tries to flank us.
  • Cellimas Villuhne: <Name>, you... open the door.

While waiting for you to open door:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: The evil aura is oppressive. Sahuagin are behind the door.

After opening door leading to sahuagin ambush:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: CHARGE!
  • Cellimas Villuhne: What, it's empty?!?

After passing through the doorway into a chamber:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Look! The door closed behind us!

After defeating the first wave of sahuagin:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: There's more of them up there. Stay alert!

After defeating the second wave of sahuagin:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Sahuagin wretches, are you scared of me? Come down and fight!

After defeating the third wave of sahuagin:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Such is the fate of evil.
  • Cellimas Villuhne: Now, lets find a way out of here.

After Talbron steps on the latch:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Good work. I see a key down there! Who's up for a swim?

While waiting for the key to be recovered from the water:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: I can't swim in this armor. For the Flame's sake, someone go down there!

After retrieving the key but before unlocking door:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: You are a valiant companion, <name>. Now let's open the door and finish with this vulgar place.

After unlocking door:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: I'm weary. Let's take a moment to rest. (sits down at shrine)

While Cellimas is resting at shrine:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Why don't you scout ahead then? Just don't get yourself in trouble. (in response to Jeets's stamina comment)
  • Cellimas Villuhne: If you're done resting, go and scout ahead with Jeets.

After opening the trapped door:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: You two having fun? It's time for us to go!
  • Cellimas Villuhne: The High Priestess should be up ahead. The onus for much suffering rests squarely upon her slimy webbed hands.

At door leading to the Sahuagin High Priestess:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: There she is... performing some kind of profane blood magic.
  • Cellimas Villuhne: I can't abide this blasphemy any more. Talbron, open the door now!

After defeating the Sahuagin High Priestess:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: According to our employer, there's a secret passage around here somewhere leading to Korthos.
  • Cellimas Villuhne: You boys look for it. I must cleanse the profane energies around the shrine.

After opening the secret door:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: We're almost done here, <name>. They way out is up ahead. But first I want to reward you for your assistance. Please come speak with me.

After opening the secret door if you skipped looting the chest:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Before we speak, I want you to search the treasure chest in the previous room. I expect you'll find some useful loot in there. When you're done, come back and speak to me again.

After opening the secret door if you looted the chest:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: We've made it, <name>! The door ahead should take us out to the village. But before we go, I want to give you something from my stash, in thanks for your assistance to me and my fellows this day.
    • You: Oh... thank you very much, Lady Villuhne.
      • Cellimas Villuhne: Haha! Call me Cellimas. May you always walk the righteous path, <name>, and the Holy Flame look kindly upon your days and deeds.
        • You: And to you, brave Cleric. (open Quest Reward UI)

Randomly while attacking sahuagin:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: For the Flame!
  • Cellimas Villuhne: The righteous smite you!
  • Cellimas Villuhne: Purge the wicked!

Shipwreck Shore[edit]

  • Cellimas Villuhne: What are you doing back here, <name>? Do you want me to take you to Korthos Village?
    • You: Yes, I don't want to go through the cave again. Please take me to Korthos. (transport to Korthos Village at exit from The Grotto)
    • You: No thanks. I want to look around the beach some more. (ends conversation)

Misery's Peak[edit]

After rescuing Lars Heyton, and being directed at Misery's Peak, you will find again Celimas and her party.

  • Cellimas Villuhne: I am heartened to see you still combating evil, <name>. But do be careful. I won't be able to protect you this time.

After you destroy the Mindsunder, she will meet you with the others:

  • Cellimas Villuhne: Well struck! I wish we'd dispatched the dragon, but such a feat is beyond my abilities.

I Dream of Jeets[edit]

Jeets' mind is being kept imprisoned by his main desires, and one of them includes him being comforted by Celimas and the Tidy sisters. You must defeat the Celimas illusion to bring out who is the responsible for keeping Jeets' mind imprisoned.

"Ladies, did I ever tell you about the time Jeets saved me from the sahuagin?"


Type: Humanoid (List)

Race: Human (List)

Monster Manual classification: Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Orange Named - Mini boss

CR:  ♦19Normal ♥23Hard ♠29Elite

Attack: Cometfall, Searing Light, Flame Strike, True Seeing

Habitat: I Dream of Jeets — Resort Spa

Description: As long as Celimas is alive, the Tidy sisters (Bellisandra, Jessandra, Lilandra) will keep being raised.