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A curse in DDO is a type of debuff. It is usually manifested by a red symbol hovering over character or monster head. Curses diminish or eliminate a character's overall effectiveness in fighting, saving against damage, or healing. Curses differ from diseases in that curses have a magical element. Curses can temporarily offset the benefits of buffs.

Note: The words "curse" or "cursed" appear rather liberally in the descriptions of various abilities, items, effects in DDO, however, not all count as true curses (i.e., they cannot be healed by Remove Curse, curse immunity does not apply to them, etc.).

Sources of curses[edit]

Monster abilities
  • Cursed Wound is often cast by clay golems. This curse makes you immune to positive energy effects--specifically, healing, preventing you from benefiting from any healing spells of an ally, or use healing potions.
  • Mummy Rot, combines curse with disease, which will eventually kill the character unless the curse and disease are removed, and in the right order.
  • Many raids have unique mechanics involving curses.
Other sources

Healing curses[edit]

Remove Curse
  • This is the primary spell for healing curses, available also as potions or wands.
  • Many divine hirelings automatically remove curses from party members. (However, some fail to remove curses from themselves.DDO Forums)
  • Monk finisher Restoring the Balance also grants this effect as an AoE.
Break Enchantment
  • This spell affect an area and can dispel multiple effects including curses.
  • Song of Freedom is a bardic music with similar effect.
Curative Admixture: Remove Curse
  • AoE curse removal available to Artificers and Alchemists

Defending vs curses[edit]