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Premium Account

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Premium Accounts are accounts that have spent real money on DDO. Any of the following counts:

  • Registering a Dungeon's & Dragons Stormreach retail account key
  • Purchasing at least one month of VIP status
  • Purchasing an expansion or content pack from DDO's website, via the Steam store, or (formerly) via the DDO Market
  • Purchasing DDO Points in the DDO Store
  • Purchasing a DP card in U.S. retail stores (these have not been sold in some time, but if you somehow come across one, registering it will still count)

After the purchase, usually you have to activate a product key via the DDO Store's Redeem Code tab. Note that this does not apply to purchases made through the DDO Store, nor - as of the update in 2022 - via DDO's own website.

The following does NOT grant premium status:

Premium Accounts receive the following benefits:

  • DDO Points: Purchase or earn through Favor
  • Classes: Must purchase Alchemist. Must purchase Favored Soul (account-wide) or unlock through Favor (per server). Must purchase Artificer (account-wide) or unlock through House Cannith Favor (per server).
  • Races: Must purchase Aasimar, Shifter, Tabaxi and all Iconic Heroes. Must purchase Warforged (account-wide) or unlock through Favor (per server).
  • Adventure Packs: Must purchase packs with DDO Points
  • Character Slots: 5 per server, may purchase more
  • Shared Account Bank: Can withdraw items previously stored as a VIP.
  • Chat: Unlimited. (However Free accounts have no known chat restrictions currently anyway)
  • Auctions: Officially Unlimited, actually limited to 50 items up for sale
  • Mail: Officially Unlimited, actually limited to 50 messages in your mailbox
  • Gold Storage: Officially Unlimited, technically limited to about 4.3 million pp
  • Guilds: Must purchase a Guild Charter to create a guild, can join guilds for free
  • Customer Service: Full for a number of days after a purchase of DDO Points (posted 03-12-2010, 09:03 AM):
    • $1.00 – 15 days
    • $14.99 – 30 days
    • $30.00 – 90 days
    • $60.00 – 180 days
    • $100.00 – 365 days
  • Idle Auto-logout: 30 minutes
  • Monster Manual: Prologue and Chapter 1. Must purchase Chapter 2 and beyond.

Out-of-date benefits[edit]

  • Login Queue: High. Due to a spree of bugs, DDO's login queue was disabled immediately after DDO Unlimited launched. It has never been reactivated, and as such any character logging onto a full server will simply receive an error message - not that this has happened for several years.
  • DDO Compendium: Read/post. The in-game Compendium has been non-functional for several years.
  • Official forums: Read/post. As of the update to the new forums, all accounts except staff are treated identically.
  • Beta priority: Normal. DDO's limited beta programme was discontinued several years ago, to be replaced with the Player's Council (a fixed roster of prominent players which is updated on a once-yearly basis) and Lamannia preview server (open for a few short periods before each major update, free to all.) Occasional extra Lamannia previews are extended to content creators, including the wiki, but these are very intermittent (the last on record was the Epic Destiny revamp in U51) and appear to be unrelated to account type.

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