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DDO Buddy Weekend

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DDO Buddy Weekend is a recurring event where players are awarded with additional experience points for questing in larger groups.

Each person above 1 adds an extra 10% to your dungeon experience (non-raid). So that means depending on the size of your party, you could get up to 50% more quest XP!

  • 2 Person Group: 10% bonus
  • 3 Person Group: 20% bonus
  • 4 Person Group: 30% bonus
  • 5 Person Group: 40% bonus
  • 6 Person Group: 50% bonus

This bonus stacks with all other XP bonuses and potions. This bonus is also dynamic, so as people enter/leave your party, the amount will adjust in real time based on how many people are in the party as you are playing the dungeon.

Note: This bonus applies only to dungeon XP, and doesn't apply in the following types of content: raids, wilderness adventure areas, optional quest objectives, nor challenges. Hirelings, summons, class pets (e.g. Druid wolf, Artificer dogs), and hireling defenders (e.g. Panther, Owlbears) do not count towards party size for this event.

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