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Lars Heyton

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Lars Heyton.jpg

Name: Lars Heyton

Race: Human

Gender: Male


Description: Lars Heyton is a descendant of the famous Heyton bloodline of Korthos Village who has protected the island for many generations. Although unwilling to follow in his ancestor's footsteps at first, saying that the villagers of the island are nothing but ingrates, he is eventually roused into action by a group of stranded adventurers to follow in his ancestor's footsteps and once again save the village and the island from certain doom.


Lars is hiding from sahuagin ambushes in the old Cannith Manufactury, while protected by his bodyguard, Amalgam. When you are forced to disable the manufactury's security measures to reach him, he will speak with you:

  • Lars Heyton: Who in the Flame are you?
  • Lars Heyton: You, what have you done? My protections are gone! There's nothing stopping the sahuagin now!
  • You: Stopping them from what?
  • Lars Heyton: They're hunting me, you fool. And you've just cleared the way for them!
  • You: I'm sorry, but I had to find you. The people of Korthos need your help.
  • Lars Heyton: Then you've wasted your time! generations of my family fought and died, while those selfish wretches did nothing. Those villagers just want me to stand in front of the Sahuagin tide so they don't have to.
  • You: But what about Ka-
  • Lars Heyton: Oh no... the Sahuagin found me! (Start battle)

During the battleh, he will make some comments after each attacking wave:

  • Lars Heyton: It'll take more than that to put me down, sahuagin!
  • Lars Heyton: They wouldn't have sent so few after me. Stay alert!
  • Lars Heyton: The sahuagin are still blocking our excape. Watch for more attacks!
  • Lars Heyton: Sahuagin scum! Keep coming, I won't die that easily!
  • Lars Heyton: Now do you see what I have to deal with? Once the sahuagin get your scent, they won't stop until you're dead!
  • Lars Heyton: The shield is weakening... we might actually get through this! Just hold for a little longer.
  • Lars Heyton: The Sahuagin magic is gone. We beat them off... this time.

Talking to him after dispatching the sahuagin attack, will make he say:

  • Lars Heyton: Will it never end? The Sahuagin will keep coming until I'm dead.
  • You: There is one way it can end. If we work together, we can drive the Sahuagin from Korthos Island once and for all.
  • Lars Heyton: I've heard talk like that before. But everyone who's stood up to the sahuagin and their pet Dragon is dead!
  • You: What about Kaja? Are you going to let her die, too? Or maybe the Sahuagin will take her alive... to the mountain.
  • Lars Heyton: Don't you talk about her! No! No... that can't happen. I won't let that happen. Alright, Alright - I will help you. I've been doing research about the dragon, and I've come to a startling conclusion.
  • You: Oh?
  • Lars Heyton: I have discovered that the Dragon is not here of its own free will. It is being controlled by a creature most terrible - a Mind Flayer from the depths of Khyber! But therein lies the key... and I have a plan which might just turn the tables. I will send Amalgam to meet you at the base of Misery's Peak. When you are ready, talk to him there.
  • You: I will. 'Till we meet again, Lars Heyton.
  • Lars Heyton: Go now. Tell Ursa to hold the barricade just a little longer, then meet Amalgam at the base of Misery's Peak when you're ready.

Misery's Peak[edit]

As soon as you enter the quest, he will be with your former party companions, Cellimas Villuhne, Jeets Shimis, and Talbron Tewn. He calls you closer to explain his plan:

  • Lars Heyton: You're here! Come, there isn't much time!
  • Lars Heyton: Ah, you made it. I believe you are acquainted with my associates. They will be the right hand that draws the enemy out. You will be the left hand that inserts the dagger into the Mind Flayer's back. Metaphorically speaking, of course.
    • You: Left hand, right hand? Speak plainly, old man! (See below, it is the same answer)
    • You: Mind Flayer? What has that to do with the Sahuagin?
      • Lars Heyton: Listen. Without the dragon and the cult, the Sahuagin are no more dangerous than they ever have been, and in time we will be able to drive them back into the sea. But as long as the dragon remains, Korthos is doomed. Our hope is that we now know the true story. Just like the cultist villagers, the dragon is not helping the Sahuagin of its own free will: it is being controlled by a Mind Flayer.
      • You: How is that possible? I thought Dragons were immune to such things.
      • Lars Heyton: That is the key my friend. The Mind Flayer is using a magical Quori artifact to magnify its power... something called a Mindsunder. If we can destroy that Mindsunder, the dragon will be released from its control. Then... maybe Korthos will have a chance.
        • You: So... you want me to destroy the Quori Mindsunder artifact?
          • Lars Heyton: Yes. Cellimas and her group will cause as much ruckus as they can, hopefully drawing off the majority of the enemy forces. Meanwhile, you will find that Quori Mindsunder and shatter it.
            • You: Okay. I understand the plan. If Cellimas is ready, I'll find this Quori Mindsunder and destroy it. (Start quest)
    • You: Then let's do it! I'll figure out the plan on the way. (Start quest)
    • You: Wait, I am not ready yet.
      • Lars Heyton: Take your time. It is not wise to combat a Dragon until you are prepared.

After you successfully destroy the Quori Mindsunder and free the dragon, he will talk to you once more:

  • Lars Heyton:You are a wonder, <name>. To be truthful, I did not actually think this plan would work. I was ready to die in a blaze of glory.
  • You: Yes, we won. I wonder what will challenge me, now that I've faced a Dragon.
  • Lars Heyton: Ha! Well don't worry, there's always a bigger evil beyond the horizon. In fact, speak with Rinar d'Thuranni if you truly fancy an adventure. He's at the village pier, and he can take you to Stormreach. You'll find plenty of evil there, haha!
  • You: I'll seek him out at the Korthos docks. Thank you, and farewell, Lars Heyton.
  • Lars Heyton: Here, take this portal, so you won't have to walk back.

If you talk to him again before leaving, he will say:

  • Lars Heyton: There's nothing left to do here. Take the portal back to Korthos Village.

House Cannith Enclave[edit]

When you approach him, he will be seeing discussing with a Cannith technician:

  • Lars Heyton: I've got to go after her! You can't expect her to stand up to an army of warforged!
  • Harlan d'Cannith: Stop worrying, Lars! Kylea is quite capable of looking after herself.

When you actually talk to him, he will tell you:

  • Lars Heyton: <name>! I haven't seen you since our memorable adventure in Korthos. I only wish it was under happier circumstances.
  • Lars Heyton: That damn fool Lord of Blades! He does more harm than good for the warforged cause.
  • You: Good to see you again, Lars. What brings you to Stormreach?
  • Lars Heyton: I am visiting my sister and her family - they have close ties with House Cannith.
  • Lars Heyton: Indeed my niece Kylie is a House Cannith magewright employed inside the Manufactury. She hasn't been seen since the Lord of Blades attacked.
  • Lars Heyton: I've tried to convince that fool Harlan to let me go in after her, but he claims he needs my expertise to help him deal with the situation from out here.
  • You: I'll see what I can do to help.

After you complete Power Play, he will say:

  • Lars Heyton: Thank you for helping my niece. She's quite a girl!