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Warforged race

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A typical warforged

In Eberron, they were created by House Cannith in magical 'creation forges' to fight in the Last War, based on technology recovered from Xen'drik. When the Last War ended, they were given their freedom at the Treaty of Thronehold. Though they have free will, whether they have a soul is not known with certainty; they can be resurrected by spells designed to restore human souls to life, but, unlike humans, never remember anything of their experience in the afterlife after such an event.


The warforged are a race of living, sentient constructs, superficially similar to golems. Warforged are composed of a blend of materials: predominantly stone, wood, and some type of metal. While they have no biological sex, warforged may adopt a gender role as part of their individual personality. They do not age as the other races do, and it is not known what effects time will have on them. It is generally assumed that, like all living creatures, their bodies must experience degradation over time. Like other races, warforged may take levels in any character class.



As warforged:

  • +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma
  • Immune to Sleep, Hold Person, Energy Drained, Nauseated, Exhausted, and Paralyzed effects.
  • Immune to ability score damage from Natural Poisons, and Natural Diseases but are vulnerable to those that affect wood or metal.
  • Warforged gain a +10 racial bonus to saving throws against Magical Poisons and do not fail saving throws against them on a roll of a natural 1 (making them immune to Magical Poisons with a DC of less than 11 + the monster's Fortitude save).
  • Immunity to spells targeting a humanoid.
  • A Warforged can remain underwater indefinitely.
  • Divine healing spells and potions restore only half as many hit points as they would for a fleshy creature. A warforged's hit points can be restored normally through arcane repair spells and potions.
  • A Warforged's Composite Plating provides 5% arcane spell failure chance. This plating is not considered natural armor, and it takes the place of body armor. Because of this, the Warforged is prohibited from wearing other kinds of armor, regardless of its class proficiencies. It can still wield shields and other enhancing items such as helmets, boots, trinkets, and jewelry.
  • The ability to wear a docent in the slot which other characters use for armor. Magical docents usually provide an enchantment bonus to armor class, and may have other magical enhancements. They also have a cosmetic effect on appearance.
  • A Warforged's plating also grants it a special feat which provides a stacking +25% Fortification. When the Warforged is the target of a sneak attack or critical hit, there is a 25% chance for the attack to be negated and the damage to be rolled normally. This effect stacks with Fortification.

As Living Constructs


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