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This page is intended to supersede Collectable in response to U32. Hoopy Froodle (ContribsMessage) 21:40, October 3, 2016 (EDT)


See also: Collectable farming

Collectables are found either in treasure bags dropped by creatures you kill or from collectable devices (e.g. bookcases, mushrooms) you find in the quest landscape.

Collectables come in sets of three, each item of a different rarity, desired by a particular collector. Collectables are also crucial elements of Cannith crafting recipes.

Creatures of a given type drop the same set every time. For example giant type creatures always drop talismans (like Amulet of the Lost Empire) throughout the game.


Each collectable set includes one common item, one uncommon item, and one rare item. For example, the religious icon set consists of String of Prayer Beads (common), Small Wooden Idol (uncommon), and Icon of Khyber (rare). The chance of each rarity being dropped is:

  • 75% common
  • 20% uncommon
  • 5% rare


Collectable devices drop collectable sets based on the level tier of the quest in which they are found.

  • Tier 1: Levels 1-5
  • Tier 2: Levels 6-10
  • Tier 3: Levels 11-15
  • Tier 4: Levels 16-20
  • Tier 5: Levels 21-25
  • Tier 6: Levels 26-30
  • Tier 7: Levels 31-35

Tier is based on effective level rather than base level. So, for example, if you were to run a level 5 quest on normal, you would get the tier 1 collectables; but if you ran it on hard, you would get the tier 2 collectables.

Treasure bags are unaffected by tier.

Collectable devices

A collectable device is a quest feature where collectables may be dropped. Each device drops collectable sets of a related type. For example, mushrooms drop collectables from a set with an organic feel, such as a fungus or insect, but not books or documents. The sets dropped by a particular collectable device also depend upon the quest tier.

See: Collectables by tier and device.

Treasure bags

Treasure Bag orb.jpg

Treasure Bags are small purple bags which randomly drop from enemies when they die. When a Treasure Bag drops, all members in a group are able to pick up the same bag. A Treasure Bag disappears from your sight once you pick it up, but other group members who haven't picked it up yet can still see it and pick it up for themselves.

A Treasure Bag vanishes from sight after 10 minutes if you don't pick it up.

In regular quests, Treasure Bags contain Collectables which can be turned in for consumables and augments across Stormreach through Collector NPCs. These Collectors are indicated on city maps as blue circles grouped as a triangle. Items from Treasure Bags are also used in Cannith Crafting, and as such, can be valued by players and sold in the Auction House for inflated amounts.