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Item:Potion of Wonder

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Potions of Wonder are wonder-ful things. One will create a single completely random effect when quaffed, sometimes beneficial and sometimes not so much.


  • In U16.1 Potions of Wonder got an overhaul. In addition to stacking in the inventory, they acquired hundreds of potential effects.


  • Potions of Wonder can be found in chests of all levels at a pretty decent frequency.
  • They can also be found in breakables of all levels.
  • The above two sources means the Auction House usually has quite a few listed.
  • Antiquity collector Mela Thryn in Lordsmarch Plaza will trade you 1 Potion of Wonder for 1 Oceanic Sphere.
  • Purchase from the DDO Store.

Observed effects[edit]

Caster level of these effects is unknown unless noted, but is typically of higher level.

Alchemical potions[edit]

All effects below lasts for 60 seconds and give a +3 Alchemical bonus to an ability.

Challenge buffs[edit]

These are the same effects as seen on Challenges. All of them last for 60 seconds.

  • Double Speed
  • Hate Magnet
  • Invulnerability
  • Quad Damage



All spells are cast with a Caster level of 25.

Special effects[edit]

...and many others.

According to this comment by (former developer) Feather_of_Sun, Potions of Wonder never confer any type of permanent bonus.

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