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Challenges/Temporary buffs

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Some challenges drop orbs that provides you with temporary buffs. On Kobold Island, some crates fall off periodically with those buffs. On Dr. Rushmore's Mansion you can find it randomly by breaking stuff (or buy it from the Time Traveller Kobold). On Underdark Arena, the spectators throw out buffs on a timely manner. On every challenge, you can open a Challenge Vault with an Universal Challenge Token for it to open and give you some buffs.

All the buffs lasts for one minute, and can't be dispelled. They are color-coded, so you can identify which buff you will get by touching the orb. However, they are surrounded by a blue aura thar makes this identification hard if you play with a far view.

  • Double Speed: You are quickened, causing you to receive a 50% enhancement bonus to speed, 30% enhancement bonus to melee attack speed, and 50% enhancement bonus to ranged attack speed. (Does not stack with Haste)
  • Invincibility: You are immune to all damage. Bug: Invincibility makes you immune to all kinds of healing. This might be inconvenient if you get the buff while on low health.
  • Invisibility: You are invisible. This effect will not be removed when you attack or take damage, but will wear off after 60 seconds.
  • Hate Magnet: Enemies are drawn to you and wish to fight you above all others. You gain +80 to Intimidate, and every six seconds, enemies within a very large distance from you are automatically Intimidated.
  • High Jump: You find yourself able to jump much higher and further than usual. You gain a +40 enhancement bonus to Jump, while making you suffers the effects of Light Gravity.
  • Life Replenish: Heal you in a very fast rate.
  • Quad Damage: Your doomed enemies quake before your unreal damage! You are currently dealing 400% of your normal damage when you make melee attacks, ranged attacks, and cast spells.
Double Speed (Green)
Invincibility (Yellow)
Invisibility (Gray)
Hate Magnet (Orange)
High Jump (Violet)
Life Replenish (White)
Quad Damage (Red)