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Groodug Meathands

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Groodug's Discount Hirelings well worth the price you pay. They smarter than Celestial Dog! Or at least better trained.

Groodug Meathands.jpg

Name: Groodug Meathands

Race: Orc

Gender: Male

Location: The Harbor, Southeast corner, just west up from the foot of the long pier to the lighthouse (to/from Korthos).

Description: <Discount Hirelings>

Sells: Level 1-3 hireling contracts

Notes: Groodug is the (only) hireling vendor for The Harbor. He sells Hireling contracts of Levels 1-3, and is the only source of level 2-3 hirelings (except the House Kundarak Guild Hireling Vendors), and offers a different selection of Level 1 contracts from Jevan Solidus, in Korthos.

Class Lv Race & Gen Name HP SP Available Commands Cost pp Cost AS Cost DP Avail* Description
BRD 02 Human M Ronen Alborn 41 225 Hypnotism, Inspire Courage, Cure Light Wounds, Fascinate 10.0 1 10 Harb Though his love for showmanship occasionally gets the best of him, Ronen rarely fails to enchant his audiences.
BRD 03 Dwarf F Brigita Hammersong 52 216 Focusing Chant, Inspire Courage, Cure Light Wounds, Fascinate 22.5 1 10 Harb Brigita is uncharacteristically rough around the edges for a bard; the cacophonous sounds of combat are music to her ears.
BBN 01 Dwarf M Grommisk Axehead 44 n/a Sunder, Barbarian Rage, Trip, Intimidate 1.8 1 10 Harb, G Grommisk lusts for battle. He'll fight anything, anywhere.
BBN 03 Warforged M Frenzy 81 n/a Sunder, Barbarian Rage, Trip, Intimidate 18.0 1 15 Harb, G Headstrong and heedless to danger, Frenzy lives up to his name and seeks to only fight and has no patience for the slow or the timid.
BRD 01 Elf M Alphar Fairwood 33 150 Inspire Courage, Cure Light Wounds, Fascinate, Diplomacy 2.5 1 5 Harb Alphar feels a powerful kinship with nature, employing song and lyric to express that affinity.
CLR 01 Dwarf M Breven Boulderfist 36 210 Cleric Turn Undead, Cure Light Wounds, Remove Fear, Bless 2.5 3 20 Harb, G Breven is a devout young dwarf who seeks to bring an end to those with evil in their heart.
CLR 01 Warforged M Chalice 35 200 Command, Nimbus of Light, Cure Light Wounds, Bless 2.5 3 20 Harb, G Sturdy and brave, Chalice brings the light of the Silver Flame to all who will listen.
CLR 02 Elf M Belest Relethwyn 46 320 Cleric Divine Vitality I, Cleric Turn Undead, Cure Light Wounds, Bless 10.0 3 25 Harb, G Quiet and confident, Belest looks to aid those in need.
CLR 02 Human M Tobias 41 283 Command, Nimbus of Light, Cure Light Wounds, Bless 10.0 3 25 Harb, G Tobias is always willing to lend a hand when things get dangerous.
CLR 03 Halfling F Elieri Thistledown 71 272 Cleric Divine Vitality I, Command, Cure Moderate Wounds, Remove Paralysis 22.5 4 30 Harb, G Elieri is a young halfling woman who lends aid to her companions.
CLR 03 Elf F Erythyn Veridyn 57 311 Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Deific Vengeance, Aid 22.5 4 30 Harb, G As a devout follower of the Sovereign Host, Erythyn seeks to defeat the forces of darkness that inhabit the land.
FTR 01 Warforged M Steel 39 n/a Sunder, Trip, Action Boost Haste I, Intimidate 1.8 1 10 Harb, G Literally made to fight, Steel is a confident and effective fighter in battle.

FVS 01 Human F Clara Eidhart 48 330 Action Boost: Saves, Summon Monster I, Cure Light Wounds, Diplomacy 2.5 3 20 Harb Since her youth Clara has felt a connection with the gods, and she uses her healing skills gladly to aid those around her.
FVS 02 Elf M Galanis Mithion 37 413 Nightshield, Summon Monster I, Action Boost: Attack, Cure Light Wounds 10.0 3 25 Harb Though his calling is divine in nature, Galanis can still wield a blade with all the skill of his elven ancestors.
FVS 03 Human M Marduk Whitegrave 70 454 Nightshield, Command, Cure Light Wounds, Nimbus of Light 22.5 4 30 Harb Marduk is solemn and takes his divine devotion seriously, using his powers to smite those that mock or defy him.
PAL 02 Human M Venrick 61 n/a Sunder, Lay On Hands, Trip, Smite Evil 9.0 1 10 Harb, G Committed to helping others, Venrick stands ready to help and heal you in your hour of need.
ROG 01 Halfling F Riana Montague 31 n/a Rogue Skill Boost I, Open Lock, Search, Sneak N/A 1 10 Kor, Harb Riana is wise and skilled for a fledgling adventurer, and especially talented at dealing with locks and traps.
ROG 02 Human M Tristen Argent 41 n/a Open Lock, Rogue Haste Boost II, Search, Sneak N/A 2 25 Harb Tristen has a tendency to gripe, but his groups are usually just glad he is on their side and not stabbing them in the back.
ROG 03 Dwarf M Delghan Goldstone 52 n/a Open Lock, Rogue Damage Boost I, Search, Sneak N/A 3 30 Harb Delghan constantly seeks to add treasure to his hordes, with each blow of his weapon reinforced by this passion.
SOR 01 Dwarf M Kurgal Powermonger 31 300 Bluff, Niac's Cold Ray, Magic Missile, Diplomacy 2.0 1 5 Harb, G Kurgal has no time for things such as 'schooling' or 'plans'. To him, every obstacle can be overcome with more magic missiles.
SOR 02 Elf M Parfour the Lethargic 33 424 Magic Missile, Diplomacy, Hypnotism, Sleep 8.0 1 10 Harb, G Given the option, Parfour would be sleeping the days away in the House Phiarlan Enclave.
SOR 03 Elf F Arianalla Eyes-of-Darkness 39 520 Ray of Enfeeblement, Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Summon Monster I 18.0 2 15 Harb, G Arianalla has shown a bit more enthusiasm towards studying the undead menace facing Stormreach than seems healthy.
WIZ 01 Halfling F Rillyn the Bold 29 230 Acid Spray, Magic Missile, Shield, Diplomacy 2.0 1 10 Harb, G Relishing combat and the feel of arcane power flowing through her, Rillyn may, in time, become a powerful adventurer.
WIZ 02 Warforged M Tome 44 320 Magic Missile, Summon Monster I, Mage Armor, Repair Light Damage 8.0 1 15 Harb, G Tome's purpose in life is to study endlessly, poring over texts to gain more knowledge.
WIZ 03 Human F Rita ir'Kennish 55 380 Web, Magic Missile, Snowball Swarm, Blur 18.0 2 20 Harb, G Rita has come to Stormreach to study the ancient Giant civilization. By adventuring, she hopes to see places she could not otherwise witness.