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Jevan Solidus

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Jevan Solidus.jpg

Name: Jevan Solidus

Race: Warforged

Gender: Male

Location: Korthos Village, near the center center of town

Description: <Hireling Vendor>

Sells: Level 1 hireling contracts

Class Lv Race & Gen Name HP SP Available Commands Cost pp Cost AS Cost DP Avail* Description
BBN 01 Warforged M Byron Scoutsword archived compendium entry 35 n/a Sunder, Barbarian Rage, Trip, Intimidate 0.400 1 5 Kor, G Surprisingly calm and collected for a barbarian, Byron awaits your command. - Byron looks down at you with a breathless stare.
FTR 01 Human M Virgil Anvilhands 46 n/a Sunder, Stunning Blow, Trip, Intimidate 0.400 1 10 Kor, G Eager and anxious, Virgil fumbles with his weapons in anticipation of adventure. - Virgil awkwardly stands before you. He fumbles his weapon and shield in anticipation.
CLR 01 Elf F Dryad Willowisp 29 200 Nimbus of Light, Cure Light Wounds, Remove Fear, Bless 0.500 2 20 Kor, G Dryad calmly prays and contemplates her splendid divinity.
SOR 01 Human F Elizabeth Cinder 26 260 Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Diplomacy, Summon Monster I 0.400 1 5 Kor, G Impulsive and expressive, Elizabeth is especially fond of setting things - anything - on fire. - Elizabeth shifts uneasily back and forth waiting for adventure.
ROG 01 Halfling F Riana Montague 31 n/a Rogue Skill Boost I, Open Lock, Search, Sneak DP 1 10 Kor, Harb Riana is wise and skilled for a fledgling adventurer, and especially talented at dealing with locks and traps.