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Name: Hesstess

Race: Medusa

Gender: Female

Location: Lordsmarch Palace, as ambassador

Description: Hesstess is the ambassador sent by the Daughters of Sora Kell from Droaam to negotiate with the Coin Lords. Before a player is bestowed the first quest in the Attack on Stormreach story arc, Diplomatic Impunity, Hesstess can be found negotiating with Delera Omaren IV and other Coin Lords in the Lordsmarch Palace. She disappear from the palace as soon as you finish the Eyes of Stone quest, or skip the first chain to start running Attack on Stormreach. She is replaced by a common kobold with a lot of HP, that can be used as a training dummy.

Lordsmarch Palace[edit]

When you first enter the palace, she is talking with the other Coin Lords, as an ambassador of Droaam:

  • Hesstess: Be quick, <race>. I have important business to conduct with the Coin Lords - once they're done squabbling amongst themselves.
    • You: So why have you come to Xen'drik?
      • Hesstess: My nation seeks to establish a colony here in Xen'drik, a place where we may be free from the persecutions we have suffered in Khorvaire.
      • Hesstess: Xen'drik is a vast, uncharted land. There is ample room for us here. There need not be any conflict between my people and yours ... unless you seek it.
    • You: Stay away from Stormreach. We don't want you and your monstrous kind around here!
      • Hesstess: Ah. So you feel I am unfit to visit a city ruled by pirates and populated by bloodthirsty killers whose main interest is looting the corpses of the indigenous creatures?
      • Hesstess: I see. Truly, you have put me in my place.
    • You: I'm looking right at you. So why haven't I been turned to stone? Huh? Huh?
      • Hesstess: Did no one teach you it's impolite to stare?
      • Hesstess: Trust me, <race>, if I wished to meet your gaze with mine, you would be petrified where you stand!
      • Hesstess: Yet I am here on a mission on behalf of Droaam and cannot waste my time on trifles. We will have to delay our staring contest to another time.

Trivia - Upon introduction of Lordsmarch Plaza quests, Hesstess had a different model (or texture), which is displayed on Eyes of Stone loading screen still.

Eyes of Stone[edit]

I hope you understand that you are too late. Even now the Droaam army approaches the city. But no matter .... You'll make a fine addition to my statuary collection!


Type: Monstrous Humanoid (List)

Race: Medusa (List)

Monster Manual classification: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Red Named - Quest Boss

CR:  ♦15Normal ♠21Elite

Attack: Longbow (Piercing), Delayed Blast Fireball, Power Word: Stun, Disintegrate, Arcane Blast, Hold Monster

Special Qualities:

  • Medusa Stone Gaze
  • Medusa Snake Venom: You have been poisoned by the snake bite of a Medusa and may soon die.
    • Deals constitution damage initially, will eventually cause 1,000 points of poison damage if untreated.

Habitat: Eyes of Stone — Final boss

Description: Hesstess primarily attacks with a longbow, but also does a form of magic attack. Her specialized attack is typical of a Medusa: A Flesh to Stone gaze that will petrify a player character for several seconds until they complete a saving throw. Hesstess, as with all Medusa, is a monstrous humanoid but with no known damage reductions. A Monstrous Humanoid bane weapon should be effective in attacking her.