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Force trap

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Force traps are first seen in level six quests. There is no energy resistance available for force type traps. A high reflex save will reduce, or avoid with feat: evasion, force trap damage. Force traps come in pulsating and bursting varieties; bursting are usually either one shot or triggered.

Force traps can be found[edit]

Quest Box Location Trap DCs
6 The Bounty Hunter On the upper ledge across from the blade trap (above the blade trap's panel) aimed at the final platform in the corridor with multiple platforms.  ♥≤31Icon tooltip.pngHard  ♠≤40Icon tooltip.pngElite
6 The Iron Mines:
Freeing Achka
Icon tooltip.pngGrey Moon Waning
Part 1
Far side of bridge on left wall  ♦≤28Icon tooltip.pngNormal
6 The Iron Mines:
Justice for Grust
Icon tooltip.pngGrey Moon Waning
Part 2
Far side of bridge on left wall  ♦≤23Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♥≤32Icon tooltip.pngHard  ♠28 - 39Icon tooltip.pngElite
7 The Graverobber At bottom of stairs.  ♦≤28Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♠≤34Icon tooltip.pngElite
On left pillar before door of north-east room.  ♦≤28Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♥≤54Icon tooltip.pngHard
7 The Grey Moon's Den:
The Trollish Scourge
Icon tooltip.pngGrey Moon Waning
Part 3
On the left wall after the bridge.  ♦≤28Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♥≤47Icon tooltip.pngHard  ♠48Icon tooltip.pngElite
7 The Grey Moon's Den:
Icon tooltip.pngGrey Moon Waning
Part 4
On the left wall after the bridge.  ♦≤28Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♥33 - 35Icon tooltip.pngHard  ♠≤35Icon tooltip.pngElite
7 Gwylan's Stand West wall just before stairs at bottom before going up to west temple.  ♥≤38Icon tooltip.pngHard
Back of south-west pillar in main room of west temple.  ♦≤26Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♠31Icon tooltip.pngElite
On the wall left of the chest on the other side of the pillar.  ♦≤28Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♠≤34Icon tooltip.pngElite
7 The Pit Back wall in the hidden room of Main Breaker Room.  ♦≤26Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♠≤41Icon tooltip.pngElite
8 Faithful Departed First set of stairs going down. One on each side (2)  ♦≤36Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♥≤37Icon tooltip.pngHard
8 The PrisonerIcon tooltip.pngVault of Night, Part 2 Random location in maze.  ♥≤58Icon tooltip.pngHard
8 The Xorian Cipher One beside chest, and one on ledge in green key room. (2)  ♦≤35Icon tooltip.pngNormal
9 The Church and the Cult West of doorway in the hallway leading to the vampire.  ♦≤38Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♠≤42Icon tooltip.pngElite
9 Entering the Gate Chamber Right wall after arch  ♥≤51Icon tooltip.pngHard
Right wall at Elder Beholder  ♥≤52Icon tooltip.pngHard
9 Haywire FoundryIcon tooltip.pngVault of Night, Part 4 One behind each shrine (2)  ♦≤44Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♥≤47Icon tooltip.pngHard
9 The Keeper's Sanctuary Right side of middle pillar  ♥≤57Icon tooltip.pngHard
9 The Missing ExpeditionIcon tooltip.pngThe Abandoned Excavation
The Ruins of Threnal - (South), Part 1
Right wall after arch  ♥≤51Icon tooltip.pngHard
16 The Coalescence Chamber Under the lever on random gates  ♦≤40Icon tooltip.pngNormal  ♥≤52Icon tooltip.pngHard  ♠51 - 52Icon tooltip.pngElite

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