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Vault of Night (story arc)

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Turbine point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Vault of Night

The Vault of Night is a Story Arc that begins by speaking with Barrow d'Kundarak in House Kundarak, right next to the entrance to the Vault. The quest comprises six parts and ends with a battle against Velah, the famed red dragon.

The series of Quests in order are typically referred to in game as VoN1, VoN2 and so on.

Note that in the quests listed below, the Gateway to Khyber and The Jungle of Khyber really go hand in hand and are referred to as VoN3 together. You must pass through the Gateway to Khyber quest in order to reach the entrance of the The Jungle of Khyber quest.

Likewise, you must pass through The Vault of Night quest to reach Plane of Night; however, these are referred to as VoN5 and VoN6 respectively. They are considered separate quests (unlike the two in VoN 3) because nobody just does the Gateway to Khyber, whereas VoN 5 is often farmed for XP without continuing on to VoN 6. At higher levels, it's common to see LFMs up for "VoN 5 normal/VoN6 Epic" Or "VoN 5 normal/VoN6 Elite" - 5 normal just to get through quickly, and 6 epic/elite for the superior epic raid loot, or higher chance at raid loot.

As of Update 3, you no longer need to reflag VoN 1-4 to repeat VoN 5/6. Nor do you need to run VoN 1-4 in specific order to flag; they can be done in any order.

[edit] VoN1: Tharashk Arena

[edit] VoN2: The Prisoner

[edit] VoN3: The Jungle of Khyber

Gateway to Khyber - Mini entrance sub-quest
The Jungle of Khyber - Actual Quest

[edit] VoN4: Haywire Foundry

[edit] VoN5+6: The Vault of Night

(They are considered separate adventures, but must be completed together in sequence.)

[edit] Quests by Favor

Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron
Tharashk Arena 8 15 House Kundarak
The Prisoner 8 15 House Kundarak
Gateway to Khyber 9 9 House Kundarak
The Jungle of Khyber 9 27 House Kundarak
Haywire Foundry 9 18 House Kundarak
The Vault of Night 10 27 House Kundarak
Plane of Night 10 15 House Kundarak
Total 6 Quests 126 Favor

[edit] Raid Loot

Named raid loot rewards as per the raid loot mechanics at a successful end of VoN6.

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