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Spell Resistance

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Spell Resistance

Spell Resistance (SR) is a special anti-spell defense possessed by some creatures. Spell Resistance is an additional layer of defense against most non-damaging magical attacks, in that it adds an extra roll that the caster has to make for his magic to "land" on that target.

Spell Resistance only matters if the spell's creature actually has it, and the spell being cast is one that can be stopped by Spell Resistance. In DDO, spells that most purely cause damage ignore Spell Resistance.

The most common creatures with Spell Resistance will be Drow, Duergar, Devils, anything with "Fiendish" in the name and some bosses. (Anticipate spell Resistance to be at least CR plus 10 for regular monsters. Red and purple named bosses tend to have a much higher CR, and generally have spell resistance within 0-5 points of their CR.)

To affect a creature that has Spell Resistance, you must make a caster level check at least equal to the creature's Spell Resistance:

1d20+caster level+spell penetration bonuses (Includes Feats, Enhancements, Epic Destinies, and Items.)

Spell Resistance and Saving throws are separate mechanics. A spell that gets past Spell Resistance may still be saved against.

Caster Level check do not automatically succeed on a 20, neither automatically fail on a 1.

Spell Resistance on player characters[edit]

Player characters can gain spell resistance as an alternative / in addition to having high saving throws. Spell Resistance is particularly useful against spells and abilities which don't offer a saving throw, such as gaze of umber hulks or many beholder ray attacks.

Sources of Spell Resistance:

Monk's Diamond Soul, Drow's racial spell resistance, and Deep Gnome's racial spell resistance[Unverified"Deep Gnome's racial spell resistance" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!] count as the same type and do not stack.

Items can grant bonus to SR:

Additional stacking sources:

Monster spell penetration roll is usually 1d20 + CR[Unverified"usually 1d20 + CR" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]. Therefore, having SR above monster CR+20 should protect you against all spells and effects with SR check.

the highest sourses SR obtainable by any class is:

  • +34 enhancement from Cannith Crafting;
  • +17 insightful from Cannith Crafting;
  • +10 quality bonus from Legendary Drow Outrunner Armor;
  • +9 (unknown type) bonus from Serenity twist in Grandmaster of Flowers destiny;
  • +6 from cores while in Grandmaster of Flowers destiny;

Other sources:

  • +6 racial from Deep Gnome;
  • +12 racial from Drow (6 at lvl 1 and +6 from racial Enhancements);
  • +10+monk level (Monk feat Diamond Soul, autogranted for monk lvl 13), 30 SR on lvl 20.

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