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Resistance (enchantment)

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Note: This effect is "Resistance" as a magical enchantment found on items (as opposed to other uses of the term "Resistance"). An item enchantment that gives specific Resistance against Enchantments (spell effects) is one possible subcategory of this general category of enchantment (see below).

Found on: Cloaks Goggles Headgear Necklaces Rings as a Suffix

Base price modifier: +1 per bonus

Effect: Passive: +X Resistance bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saving throws. Up to +6 is available on heroic random loot.

In addition to the universal resistance bonuses to saves, specialized item enchantments exist that affect only a subset of saving throws.

  • Fortitude save / Reflex save / Will save. These do not stack with the general Resistance bonus to all saves.
  • (specific School of Magic) save (e.g. Enchantment save, or Illusion save, etc.). Items with the Realistic prefix provide a bonus to saves against all schools of magic. Although these are also a Resistance bonus, they do stack with the more general Resistance bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, Will or all saves.
  • Disease / Poison save*

Disease and Poison Ward

In addition to the above, ward items also protect the wearer from exposure to all natural forms of the hazard, and provide a resistance bonus to magical/supernatural varieties. Wards on randomly generated loot (from quests) come in 2 forms: "Resilient" (vs. Disease), or "Robust" (vs. Poisons).

Item Text:

"Grants its wearer immunity to natural (poisons / diseases). This item grants +(#) Enhancement bonus to saving throws against magical (poisons/diseases), and the wearer does not fail saving throws against them on a roll of a natural 1 (this renders the wearer immune to a magical (poison/disease) with a DC of less than 3 + their Fortitude save)."