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Mysterious altar

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Mysterious altars are in-quest sources of powerful buffs.


  • Clicking the altar buffs your character and hirelings if they are ordered to use it.
  • The buffs act like the classic ship buffs in that they cannot be dispelled, persist though rest, disappear on death/leaving quest, and have a 1-hour duration.
  • Altars have a (?) minutes cooldown (per person) before they can be used again; all group members (including hirelings) can benefit from the effect at the same time.


33 Melee, Ranged and Spell Power
PRR, MRR, HP (Heroic: ~10 PRR and MRR and HP depends on your level; Epic: 610-852HP, ~83MRR, 56-81PRR)
elemental absorption, additional elemental damage equal to double your character level on attacks and spells, additional spell power (did not see any on heroics) (elemental absorbtion is probably 20% (heroics))
Fountain of Wonder 
as Potion of Wonder

Locations that include mysterious altars[edit]

The Temple of Elemental Evil

  • These two quests feature randomly spawning mysterious altars. There is a lockbox near any altar containing ToEE Crafting ingredients.


  • A mysterious altar of defense spawns in a random location.

Land of Barovia

  • Randomly located