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The Ruins of Gianthold

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Ruins of Gianthold adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Ruins of Gianthold

Whether or not The Stormreaver has returned, Cydonie believes that some great evil is afoot. Aid her in unraveling the mystery behind Gianthold. Find Cydonie before Gianthold Tor to learn what needs to be done.

The Ruins of Gianthold is a title sequence from Module 4 and its core story line which ends up with The Reaver's Fate raid.

Required Quests[edit]

You need to finish at least these 3 quests. This also grants you easier access to Ruins of Gianthold.

The Prison of the Planes (End chest drops 1-3 Ancient Dragon Relics)
Madstone Crater (End chest drops 1-3 Ancient Giant Relics)
A Cabal for One (End chest drops 1-3 Ancient Elven Relics)

Relic Hunting[edit]

These quests also drop ancient relics:

You can also utilize a dwarf NPC in Gianthold, who trades you 1 relic for 3 relics of different kind (1 elven for 3 giant or dragon and such).

As of Module 8, relics can be found in rare encounter chests in Ruins of Gianthold exploration area as well. As of Update 8, number of relics required are reduced from 20 to 9. As of Update 17 no more relics are required to gain entrance to Gianthold Tor.

Pre-raid and the raid[edit]

Once you have finished the three quests, you can talk to Crag in the Gianthold city zone. He will then give you access to the zone pre-raid quest Gianthold Tor. After finishing Gianthold Tor you will get the quest reward from Crag, the story arc reward from Cydonie and the The Reaver's Fate raid quest from Agon Uruhond who stands next to the quest entrance.

Gianthold Tor (often referred to as "scales run")
The Reaver's Fate (raid)