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Item:Ancient Giant Relic

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Ancient Giant Relic


Ancient giant relics dating back to before the cataclysm, restored with painstaking care. Perhaps someone in the Ruins of Gianthold will be interested in these.


Ancient Giant Relics can be obtained by completing Madstone Crater, The Maze of Madness, Trial by Fire, and in the chests of Rare encounters in the wilderness area. In the end chest of each quest, you have a chance to loot one of them (or more, see talk page). Madstone Crater offers a chance to loot one to three relics.

As of Module 8, relics can be found in rare encounter chests in Ruins of Gianthold wilderness adventure area as well. It also is possible to get it on one of the chests available after slaying Aussiercaex in Prey on the Hunter.

You can also gain Ancient Giant Relics, via Orzabal Stonesmasher, by trading him either Ancient Elven Relics or Ancient Dragon Relics, at an exchange rate of 1:3.

  • Nine Giant Relics Relics were needed to gain access to Gianthold Tor and The Reaver's Fate until Update 17 when the requirement was removed.
  • Five Giant Relics can also be used to repair various kinds of White Dragonscale Armor. This was reduced from ten Relics as of Module 5.
  • Dragon, Elven & Giant Relics can be used to purchase Augment crystals from Ruskin Blackboot (Level 12, three of each) or Meliager Ei'n (Level 16, six of each)

Giantcraft Armor

By turning in ten Giant Relics to Giantcraft Apprentice Horatin in Gianthold, he will craft one of these for you (all items are bound to character):

All Giantcraft Armors share the following properties:

Historical versions

No longer available from Update 17 but may still exist in game.