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Tambor Smythe

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Tambor Smythe.jpg

Name: Tambor Smythe

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Protect Baudry's Interests

Affiliation(s): The Free Agents


Description: <Foreman, Cartamon Storage>

The Harbor[edit]

When you approach him anytime, he will say:

  • Tambor Smythe: I work for Baudry Cartamon. The pay is good, and he treats me fairly. So I stick with him.

After you get the chain A Man Named Baudry Cartamon, he will reply:

  • Tambor Smythe: Me and Master Baudry, we got a big problem.
  • Tambor Smythe: Kobolds are getting into the warehouse! I know a thing or three about traps, and I can stuff up the cracks they're squirmin' through - but lots already snuck in.
  • Tambor Smythe: If you just protect the big crate in Cartamon's Shipping Warehouse for a couple of minutes, I can stop them for good.
  • You: Let's do it. (Bestow quest)

On completion of his quest, he will say:

  • Tambor Smythe: You done good work in there!
  • Tambor Smythe: Go visit Baudry and tell him just how good you done.

After Baudry asks you to find Harmon Taft, he will give you directions:

  • Tambor Smythe: Thanks for the help. We made a good team!
  • Tambor Smythe: If you be looking for Harmon, he across the way near Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse.

After you complete the quest Stop Hazadill's Shipment, but before you finish the chain, he will say:

  • Tambor Smythe: I heard you busted up that Hazadill's warehouse! Good thing if you ask me.
  • Tambor Smythe: I hear he fences plunder from them Three-Barrel Cove pirates, and they get it by attacking the marchant ships leaving Stormreach.
  • Tambor Smythe: Three-Barrel Cove. Full of bad folk.

Protect Baudry's Interests[edit]

The very first thing you will see in the quest is him, waiting for you to start setting the traps.

  • Tambor Smythe: I can smell the kobolds - they're nearby!
  • Tambor Smythe: You protect the Coin Lords' crate from the kobolds. That's the big crate in the middle of the warehouse.
  • Tambor Smythe: Hold them off for just 5 minutes, and that'll be enough time for me to finish setting the traps.
  • Tambor Smythe: Ready?
  • You: Let's do it!

As you fight the kobolds, he will keep screaming some kobold lore on you:

  • Tambor Smythe: Kobolds like to jump around to try to dodge attacks - squirmy little buggers!
  • Tambor Smythe: You a spellcaster? Spells will sometimes fizzle if the kobold jumps out of the way right when you're casting.
  • Tambor Smythe: Khyber, I didn't think there'd be so many! There are more kobolds here than you'd usually see in one place!
  • Tambor Smythe: Normally I'd suggest we run when there are so many kobolds. But they're ignoring us to get at the crate. So whack the little buggers while you can!
  • Tambor Smythe: If you need it, use the rest shrine!
  • Tambor Smythe: Kobold tribes are dangerous because of their numbers, but a Kobold Shaman is dangerous all by himself
  • Tambor Smythe: When you fight a Kobold Shaman, having a high Will helps to resist his spells!
  • Tambor Smythe: Some Kobold Shamen will cast Lightning Bolts at you. I highly recommend you protect yourself with Lightning Resist spells!
  • Tambor Smythe: I've almost finished setting the traps, just protect the crate for a little bit longer!

After the timer run out and the quest completes, he will congratulate you:

  • Tambor Smythe: Bravo! We showed those kobolds what for!
  • Tambor Smythe: Baudry told me you could have the contents of this chest here if you succeeded, and you did splendidly!
  • Tambor Smythe: Now what shall I should do with the kobolds we've caught? I could slay the duplicitous little buggers - or I could show mercy and release them outside. What do you say?
    • You: Kobolds are treacherous and will stab you in the back if you gave them the chance. You should slay them.
      • Tambor Smythe: You're the "winner take all" sort, aren't you?
      • Tambor Smythe: Well, you're the mighty adventurer - have at it!
    • You: They've learned their lesson, and I wouldn't stoop to their level. you should show mercy and let them go.
      • Tambor Smythe: I see, you're one of those "champion of the underdog" sorts, aren't you?
      • Tambor Smythe: Very well, I'll release the kobolds on our way out.