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A Man Named Baudry Cartamon

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A Man Named Baudry Cartamon
Level rangeIcon tooltip.pngBeing outside this level range means the quest either can't be bestowed or can't be completed.: All levels
XP: No xp
Journal section: Harbor
Takes place in: The Harbor
Bestowed by: Baudry Cartamon
Quest acquired in: The Harbor
NPC contact: Baudry Cartamon
Relevant quest(s): Protect Baudry's Interests
Stop Hazadill's Shipment
Retrieve the Stolen Goods


A Man Named Baudry Cartamon is a level 2 story arc bestowed by Baudry Cartamon in the western docks of The Harbor. It consists of three quests, featuring mostly Kobolds, in which you help Cartamon in dealing with his competitor, Hazadill.

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Bestowal conditions


No objectives defined.

Complete Journal text

Baudry Cartamon, a warehouse owner in Stormreach Harbor, asked for help in dealing with his competitor, Hazadill.

After defeating Hazadill's kobold pillagers, you learned that Hazadill was taking in and fencing plunder from Three-Barrel Cove pirates. You destroyed the plunder, depriving Hazadill of his illicit profits.

You then recovered a container that Hazadill stole - a container belonging to Coin Lord Amanatu!

Tips and Misc


Random item when you complete all 3 quests.