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Harmon Taft

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Harmon Taft.jpg

Name: Harmon Taft

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Stop Hazadill's Shipment, Retrieve the Stolen Goods

Location: The Harbor

Description: <Dockworker>

The Harbor[edit]

When you approach him anytime, he will say:

  • Harmon Taft: Yeah, I work the docks, hauling crates around all day.
  • Harmon Taft: Some days I work for Cartamon, some days I work for Hazadill. Depends on who's paying more.

Stop Hazadill's Shipment[edit]

After you complete Protect Baudry's Interests, he will tell you:

  • Harmon Taft: A shipment just came in from Three-Barrel Cove. It's plunder from the pirates there, taken from ships on their way to Stormreach.
  • Harmon Taft: Baudry Cartamon really has a thing for Hazadill. He wants you to destroy the whole shipment!
  • Harmon Taft: That's why he paid me to distract the guards. I can give you 10 minutes, no more. You'll have to destroy the crates in Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse before then.
  • You: Stealing from a pirate, eh? Sounds fair enough. (Bestow quest)

After you finish the quest, but before you advance the chain, will make him reply:

  • Harmon Taft: Nice work—I heard the wood splintering from out here!
  • Harmon Taft: Hurry back to Baudry Cartamon. Tell him that hazadill won't be profiting from those Three-Barrel Cove pirates.

Retrieve the Stolen Goods[edit]

After being sent back to him by Baudry, he will say:

  • Harmon Taft: You again... did Baudry Cartamon tell you what happened?
  • Harmon Taft: While you were smashing boxes, the kobolds went back to Cartamon's warehouse. They got past Cartamon's foreman and stole a container from one of the Coin Lords' crates. Boy, are the Coin Lords going to be peeved at Cartamon!
  • Harmon Taft: That's why he's sending you back to Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse, to get the Coin Lords' container back.
  • You: Hazadill won't keep that container long. I'll put it back in Cartamon's hands personally. (Bestow quest)

On the completion of the quest, he will reply:

  • Harmon Taft: Hmm, Baudry Cartamon found a winner when he hired you.
  • Harmon Taft: Take that container back to him.