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Talk:Single Weapon Fighting

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This seems to be a lost Feat for any S&B Fighter/Paladin/Whatever out there (with a slim "exception" when activating another Feat from a specific Class for a couple of minutes, i.e. the Bard's Swashbuckler enhancement tree). As such, one would be better off with THF or TWF. But why does getting proficient at using a shield + sword should have anything to do with changing class to a bard and its Feats for instance? Why doesn't a pure Fighter, Barbarian or Paladin can't get as good as a bard when equipping shield+sword? IMHO it shouldn't be like this as it doesn't make sense. While at it, we should be able to add a feat to the Paladins making them sing gregorian chants like bards so as to get S&B proficiency... --HawkFest (ContributionsMessage) 10:11, July 8, 2014 (EDT)

EDIT: Ok, this "blah" of mine (and in what follows) should go in a forum. I'm currently trying a SWF Rogue/Bard/<don't know yet> and will open a forum thread --HawkFest (ContributionsMessage) 13:08, March 15, 2015 (EDT)

While you can use this talk page to express your dissatisfaction, this wiki is run by players and noone from Turbine will find your concerns here. If you're worried, try posting in the Suggestions and Ideas section of the official forum. Good luck. --Cru121 (ContributionsMessage) 11:02, July 15, 2014 (EDT)
My two cents are the fact "Sword and Board", like two weapon fighting, is still engaging the enemy with two items. SWF, like two-handed-weapon fighting, is the concentration on a single weapon. Bucklers--while nominally shields--are more "shields of opportunity" and--functionally--a place to add more equipment procs. You could build a SWF paladin or barb, but you're giving up that added shield defensive ability for a single-minded concentration on one weapon in one hand. Fighter, kensai, especially, seems to be a ripe candidate in ideal form for a SWF build and I expect a SWF kensai who focuses on one weapon and one weapon type would be more powerful DPS than a bard or barbarian. (Would have suggested a bard/paladin, but we know that's impossible. I like your Gregorian chanting paladin idea though. A "warchanter" paladin variant would be pretty interesting as an enhancement... Deathbunny (ContributionsMessage) 20:13, July 15, 2014 (EDT)
TWF is also like engaging the enemy with two items (actually not "like" : it is engaging the enemy with 2 items). Engaging the enemy with two weapons actually requires more dexterity than engaging with a single weapon, as well as more str so as to render the same amount of dmg per weapon : you're still using one hand per weapon not two (at most same str related dmg if not less), while the focus is balanced between both (dex+concentration+balance), unlike SWF. When attacking with a single weapon while having a shield, a fighter does NOT use his dex nor str for the shield, but all of it during the one weapon thrust. Unlike TWF which should remove some str+dex for each weapon (concentration of str and dex being somewhat divided between both weapons during their thrust, a feat that could be exercised to get better at it and render more DPS up to full str/dex per weapon). As such, a THF should basically deliver more DPS per hit than a TWF : the later should have an str penalty for each weapon (like less str engaged in the dmg calculation for each weapon's hit when TWF'ing).
And Yes Cru121 I agree, this is more of a discussion thread and I should've post it in the Forums. Post a "Turbine ticket"? You're kidding, right? LOL! Let's be serious : you really think that the devs have the time to debate/discuss about this (simply telling me to shut up would have been a more efficient reply in this regard)?... Assuming Turbine understands the principles of having a customer-centric business, which I'm sure of since some of their devs are regularly and seriously looking up the forums (and since the post U-22 debacle has proved it), we shouldn't worry : this should be a user based discussion, not some "ticket" into the void for developers who have others urgent things to think about and real bugs to repair in priority. Anyways, my bad, wrong "board", next time I'll create a thread in the forums. --HawkFest (ContributionsMessage) 16:07, July 27, 2014 (EDT)
K, all this "blah" of mine should go in a forum. I'm currently trying a SWF Rogue/Bard/<don't know yet> and will open a forum thread. --HawkFest (ContributionsMessage) 13:08, March 15, 2015 (EDT)