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Proficiency Class Martial Weapon Proficiency Treason shown.jpg
Accepts Sentience? No
Damage and Type 1.80[1d6] + 5 Pierce, Magic
Critical threat range 17-20 / x2
Weapon Type Short Sword / Piercing weapons
Race Absolutely Required None
Minimum Level 14
Required Trait None
Use Magical Device DC No UMD needed
Attack Mod STR, DEX
Damage Mod STR, DEX
Binding Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire
Durability 135
Made from SteelIcon tooltip.pngSteel: Steel is the common metal used to make weapons and armor.
Hardness 18
Base Value 001280100012,801ppIcon tooltip.pngPlatinum Piece 
Weight 2 lbs
Location The Reaver's Fate, Raid Warded chest

Stormreaver Monument

Description This weapon was a trophy of the giants' last victory, taken from the fallen captain of the rebel elves. When the dragons intervened and obliterated the Lost Empire, Treason was lost in the ashes.

Upgraded version: Image

New features under Update 12: Attack Mod and Damage Mod are both set to max of either dexterity bonus or strength bonus. 10% Armor-Piercing allows players to ignore 10% of a targets fortification. Example: Monster A has a fortification of 100%, on confirmed critical hits only On Crit type effects (Burst for instance) would go off and the base weapon damage would not be multiplied. With 10% Armor-Piercing, 10% of those confirmed critical hits would ignore the fortification and score a regular critical hit (with base weapon damage multiplied). Similar for Sneak Attack damage.

From DDOcast Ask the Devs 9;
Jerry: “Rogues get their subtle backstabbing enhancement, where level one gives you 10% hate reduction, level two is 20% and level three is 30% hate reduction. Treason, the named short sword form the Stormreaver has an ability which is 20% hate reduction. My question is a two-parter: 1. Does Treason stack with subtle backstabbing, so if I have two levels of subtle backstabbing and wielding Treason will I have a 40% hate reduction?”
MadFloyd: Actually it does stack but you have something like a 36% hate reduction, so you would have 20% for the subtle backstabbing and you’d get 20% for treason, but they’re not purely additive so basically it’s sort of like 80% times 80% so you sort of get like 64% as a result.
Jerry: Oh ok, so it would essentially stack on top of that other 20%
MadFloyd: that’s correct.
Jerry: Question 2 here: Does the treason effect affect weapons in your offhand – so wielding treason in my main hand and welding a +2 dagger in my offhand would my offhand gain the benefit of the treason’s 20% hate reduction?
MadFloyd: Yes, it would because basically what that does is reduce threat generated by any melee damage, and that would include whatever your offhand is doing as well.