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Conjoined Abishai Devastator

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Tarvis: "Brothers, it is time for us to combine our strength!"
Vitter: "Yes, I will add the cold frost of the savage north!"
Squall: "I'll add my lightning! It will smash them with the power of the storm!"
Nox: "I will add the most lethal venom known to nature! Their blood will turn black!"
Drekk: "My acid will liquify their bones!"
Tarvis: "And I will form the head!"
Conjoined Abishai Devastator: "Nothing can withstand the might of the Conjoined Devastator!"

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Abishai (List)

Monster Manual classification: Abishai

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦13Normal ♥15Hard ♠18Elite ♦24Epic Normal ♥28Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite


  • BAB: Normal: ?, Epic: 100+
  • Physical damage: Minimal on normal (10-20) , Around 80 per swing on epic
  • Poison Injury: Fortitude save, initially 1d6 Con damage, secondary 1000 Con damage.
  • Spellcasting - See below
  • Special Attacks - See below

Special Qualities: 

  • HP: Minimal on Normal/Hard/Elite.  ♠~675,000Epic Elite
  • AC:  ●~64Epic
  • Fortification: 0% on Normal/Hard/Elite. 50% on Epic.
  • DR:  ♦10Normal ♥15Hard ♠20Elite ♥31Epic Hard / Good
  • Immunity to poison
  • Resists/Immunities:
    • Immunity to Fire (All Forms except White - Ice, vulnerable to fire in this form)
    • 10 to acid and cold on normal (scales with difficulty, and only applies to non same/opposite forms)
    • Healed by Current Forms Element
    • Vulnerable (150%) to opposite of current element
  • High SR, scales by difficulty
  • Intimidate DC:  ●~60Epic, -4 size penalty
  • Special Abilities:
    • Regeneration - negated by dealing opposing elemental damage, I.E. Fire when in Ice form)
    • Elemental Augmentation - allows him to change form and resistances
    • Elemental Absorption - allows him to heal when struck with matching element


Description: Raid boss of The Chronoscope. The Conjoined Abishai Devastator is a mix of several powerful red named Abishai of different colors, which combined to a create a much more devastating Abishai.

Special attacks

The Conjoined Abishai Devastator features 5 forms: Red (Fire), Green (Acid), Black (Necromancy), White (Cold) and Blue (Lightning). He always starts in the red form, and will change at random intervals. Most forms allow him to cast different spells, as well as unleash a devastating special attack. The specials are as follows:

  • Red: Transforms into a red dragon briefly (about 1 second), followed by unleashing a devastating fire breath attack. Damage (epic) : 700-800. Can be dodge with quick reflexes on either your characters reflex, or by your own ability. This is generally the most devastating attack, but should only hit the main tank as long as he faces the boss away from the party.
  • White: Transforms into a White Dragon for several seconds (about 6 seconds) and unleashes a devastating massive AOE ice shard attack. Damage (epic) 200-300 per shard, about 6 tics in total. Note this has a MASSIVE AOE and should always be manually dodged at all costs as it can kill your entire raid group.
  • Blue: Transform into a blue Dragon and unleashes several lightning bolts and stun. Hits entire party. Minimal damage really, just keep on fighting.
  • Black: Transforms into a black dragon and unleashes an AOE mass curse attack. This is a healing curse, so quickly drink remove curse potions to enable yourself to be healed once again.
  • Green: Green form does not have a special attack. He mainly melees and casts Cloudkill in this form.

Spells known

He is primarily a caster boss and casts spells quite often, but all will be directed at only 1 target. His spells will vary based on form somewhat:

Recommended weaponry

  • Holy of Greater Lawful/Evil Outsider Bane
  • Lightning II Greensteel (with pure good or holy)
  • Mineral II Greensteel
  • Holy/Pure Good/Righteousness, Paladin Holy Sword
  • Flametouched Iron