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Which of the fog spells work on red/purple named bosses? I've read conflicting information. --Agthorr (ContributionsMessage) 00:08, April 16, 2012 (EDT)

last I tested, how its listed on the page was accurate (only acid fog, rest work). However its been quite a long time, so couldnt hurt to re-verify them, as turbine often stealth changes things without notes. And often they are non working due to bugs..EG: Incendiary cloud may not work at all, as to work it would need to have its various parts seperate, eg: the blindness part. If its not seperated, then enemies immune to blindnes (includes all red/purpl) would be fully immune to the spell - same reason they are immune to acid fog.

Recently i've been going through all spells carefully testing them and updating them tho, currently I have lvl1-3 done.. Though i've only gone as far as to test them on red named, not purple.. But can confirm the lvl1-3 fogs all work on red. And for the most parts, immunities between red and purple rarely waver (though they can be different).

Pretty much im sure its intended that they all work on purp named (cept 1-4s on ones with mantle).. The reasons some dont are due to said bug - single immunity to 1 portion of a spell often provides complete immunity to it. Related well known bug: Sunburst does not work on anything with mantle, as its blindness component was copy and pasted from the lvl2 blind spell, and mantle protects against lvl2s.

Really quite a mess due to the poorly overdone blanket immunities given to red/purps.

IMO theres not much reason to use anything other then cloudkill for the purpose tho, as its got the longest duration, an easy to fit spell slot, the least-annoyance blocking my view-factor, and a reasonable SP cost.

Shade (ContributionsMessage) 00:14, April 16, 2012 (EDT)

Miss Chance[edit]

The text says 'Attackers have 20% miss chance'. This is not specific to mobs and players. Players are attacking mobs, mobs attack players. Do all weapon swingers or shooters have a miss chance regardless of who is attacking who? ;>jamvaru (ContribsMessage) 15:45, September 3, 2016 (EDT)